Why Naughty America?

My personal review of Naughty America

I have been asked in several emails and by my friends why I love Naughty America so much. I talk about them a lot and if you read my posts on Hottie Hangout you know that they are by far my favorite network of sites. I talk about how great they are so much that I have actually received an email from someone suggesting that I am a Naughty America Employee that gets paid to "talk good" about them on the internet. Unfortunately I am not an Employee of Naughty America. As much as I would like to be surrounded by beautiful women all day I just don't have a desire to leave the job I have now, besides I don't think they would hire me. What I am is a huge fan of their work and someone that will be a member of theirs for a long time. Now to answer the question of "Why Naughty America".

Naughty America has the best content

There is a saying in porn when it comes to paysites. The saying is "Content is king". The reason why content is king is because if you don't have a good selection of high quality content then no one will stay a member of you site for long. Naughty America knows this and that is why they have some of the best exclusive content there is. They don't buy their pictures and videos from someone else. They shoot all of it themselves, which enables then to give their members exactly what they want. Naughty America started out small, but they have really grown. They now have some of the most famous porn stars on their sites and they also have never before seen girls making their porn debut. Their selection and amount of content is some of the best you will find anywhere.

Nauhty America gives you a choice

With every new scene you get high quality pictures, screen captures from the video, and of course the video itself. Everyone knows that nowadays video is the number one reason to be a member of a porn site. Naughty America knows this too and they offer their videos in a nice selection of formats. You can choose from large mpeg or wmv files if you have broadband and want the best quality, or slightly smaller files if you have a little slower connection or want to save space on your computer. You can even choose a smaller wmv file if you are still on dialup. They didn't forget about all of you who have an ipod either. There is actually a file specifically meant to be played on your video ipod. Naughty America also offers their video split into pieces for easy downloading or as one big file so you can get it all at once. It's nice to have all the choices so you can get exactly what you want.

They update constantly

Naughty America updates their sites every week. Unlike other paysites that update whenever they feel like it, Naughty America gives you new girls every week. There are also no surprises. If you are a member you can go to their forum and see exactly what and who they have planned for their updates. They aren't trying to hide a thing. I have also logged into the members are before and found out that Naughty America had launched a new site and they gave me access to it for free with my current membership. Most other sites would try and sell you a membership, but Naughty America wants to keep there customers happy. They even have a few more new sites planned for their second tier, so don't be surprised if you are expecting a couple updates one day and you get access to a whole new site also.

Naughty America listens

One of my favorite things about Naughty America is that if they don't have a girl that you really want, you can request her in their forum. I don't know of any other site that does this. They don't promise to be able to get the girl you want, but they want to keep you as a member and will certainly try. I have seen people ask for certain girls that seem almost unattainable and Naughty America has come thru. Do you know of any other sites where you can actually talk to the producers and tell them what you want? This is a major reason why I love Naughty America.

Naughty America has the best bang for your buck

With the selection and amount of content that Naughty America has they could break up their group of sites into individual sites and charge the same price as they do for all of them combined. They don't do that though. If you join their first tier of sites they give you access to all ten sites for $24.95 a month. That's only 83 cents a day. Their second tier has five sites for the same price, but they offer a discount if you are already a member of their other tier. Their second tier may only have five sites, but they are great sites and they plan to add more in the future for no extra charge. Naughty America offers an amazing amount of content for price of most small paysites. It's nice to be a member of a site where they aren't trying to squeeze ever last penny out of you.

Check out their sites for youself

Naughty Americas first group of sites includes

American Daydreams
Fast Times at NAU
Latin Adultery
My First Sex Teacher
My Friends Hot Mom
My Naughty Latin Maid
My Sisters Hot friend
Naughty Bookworms
Naughty Office
SoCal Coeds

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Naughty Americas second group of sites includes

Housewife 1on1
Ass Masterpiece
Diary of a Milf
Neighbor Affair
Asian 1on1
Seduced by a Cougar

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