Before you continue on to the Fleshlight Website let me tell you a little about it and hopefully answer a few questions you may have.

The first thing I hear from most of my guy friends when they see the Fleshlight is “I aint sticking my dick in that” or just laughter. Either that or they remind me that they can get pussy anytime they want. I usually get the “I have a girlfriend/wife that gives me sex. I don’t need that.”

When I hear that second reply I usually just laugh. I mean I have never been able to get sex anytime I want. When I’m in a relationship I can get sex pretty often, but there are still those times where she is tired or has a headache or just isn’t around at the time. Do they honestly expect me to believe that they never jerk off because they have a girlfriend? I say Bullshit! I once heard that 99% of men jerk off and the other 1% don’t have hands. So they can throw that argument right out the window.

As for the “I aint sticking my dick in that” reply, I once again say bullshit. I have seen some of the girls my friends sleep with after just a few drinks at the bar. To be nice I’ll just say that they make the Fleshlight look like a swimsuit model. Most guys will stick their dick in just about anything (they jut won’t admit it.)

The other thing I don’t understand is why guys won’t admit to wanting to at least try it out. If you have read the reviews of the Fleshlight and heard people say how great it feels, why wouldn’t you want to experience it? There seems to be some weird stigma that comes along with male sex toys. This just baffles me. I mean what is wrong with using something other than your hand to jerk off. Women have tons of sex toys available to them. Most women even admit to having at least tried a vibrator or a dildo once and I don’t see anyone calling them perverts. Keep in mind these are women, and if you haven’t noticed it’s not too hard for a women to get sex (they pretty much just have to ask a guy “do you want to have sex?”) So this means that the “I aint sticking my dick in that” and the “I can get sex when I want” arguments are complete bullshit. So what else could be holding someone back from trying The best male sex toy ever?

I don’t think it’s the price. The Fleshlight is very reasonably priced and cheaper than most female sex toys. I am sure once someone tries one for the first time they will not regret their purchase. I actually think they will be back on the Fleshlight site to order different inserts or more lube. So if the price isn’t a factor why else would someone not want to try one?

I think one reason a guy won’t buy a Fleshlight is that he doesn’t want other people to know that he jerks off or god forbid has a male sex toy. I think this is ridiculous. Take a look at what I said about women and their sex toys. I personally think men should have no problem admitting to owning or using a sex toy since a woman can admit to using one without any problem at all. Not to mention that women have thousands to choose from (some of which are really crazy looking).

I still understand the embarrassment you may feel if someone found out though. Don’t worry there is a real simple solution to this. Simply don’t tell anyone (that is if you can resist telling everyone how great this thing is). The Fleshlight is shipped to you in a package with absolutely no indication of what is inside at all to ensure your privacy. The return address is from ILF inc. which could stand for anything. When you are not using the Fleshlight (once you try it I’m sure it will get lots of use) put it in you closet or a drawer. If someone sees it I highly doubt that they will know what it is. If they do tell them it was a gag gift from an ex-girlfriend. They also have “sex in a can” too, which is the same thing as a fleshlight but looks like a beer can instead of a flashlight.

Well, I am out of reasons why someone wouldn’t give a Fleshlight a try. All I am left with are reasons why you should try one. I know by now you are probably sick of reading so I will just make a simple list instead of wasting anymore of you time.

It is the number one selling male sex toy.
(Lots of guys buy them they just don’t admit it.)

It is cheaper then most female sex toys.
(and not as crazy looking)

It will help you improve your sexual stamina.
(No more blowing your load in 2 min.)

It never has a head ache or says no.
(You won’t have to beg your wife/gf for sex.)

It feels amazing!
(Closest thing to real pussy you can buy.)

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