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Posted By Lucky on 06/30/08

I have yet another great scene to post here today. As you can tell from the picture I am back to posting hot blondes. The girl in the picture is Tanya James. I know that I just posted her not too long ago, but she isn’t the only hot naked girl in this scene. The pictures and videos are from In the VIP so you can be sure that there are a lot of other hotties getting naked and naughty too. I really like this site, but for some reason I don’t post a lot of scenes from there. I really should start though. They always have a bunch of really hot girls on there and there is always lots of them in each scene. This time the star is Tanya Jame and you get to see her getting naked and crazy along with a bunch of other girls at the club. There is plenty of naughty action to keep you entertained at the beginning of the scene, but the really naughty stuff happens at the end. Once Tanya leaves the club you get to see this hot blonde get naked and really naughty. She winds up fucking and sucking some lucky guy and she looks amazing while she does it. I just love her long legs and that ass of hers. Check out the pictures and videos of Tanya and check back here for more hot naked girls.

Tanya James

Videos of Tanya James here

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Posted By Ally on 06/29/08

Hey everyone. It seems like Lucky and I have switched roles. He is finding new hotties that aren’t blondes and I am posting hot blondes with big tits that have already been posted here on Hottie Hangout. ;-) I was going to post a different girl, but once I saw that Lucky posted a non blonde yesterday I figured I could post one more blonde hottie today. The girl that I picked out is Shawna Lenee, and yes she has been posted here a couple of other times. Shawna is a really cute girl that looks very sweet and innocent. She only looks sweet and innocent in some pictures. If you click on the picture below you will see all the other pictures that prove that she is not so innocent. It is pretty surprising how naughty a girl this cute can get. In this scene from Baby Got Boobs Shawna runs into her ex. She gets to talking to him and eventually tells him that they never got to have break up sex. Of course they wind up fucking like crazy after that. It was another great scene by Shawna Lenee and the reason I like her so much. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos of Shawna and check back her for more hotties.

Shawna Lenee

Videos of Shawna Lenee

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Posted By Lucky on 06/28/08

I figured since Ally is now posting blondes (and stealing some of my hotties that I post) I would go out and find a hottie that hasn’t been on here before. I am just kidding Ally can post all the blondes that she wants. I did want to find a new hottie and I just so happened to run across a really hot one on My Friends Hot Mom. The hottie that I am talking about is Kristina Cross. I have never seen Kristina Cross before so she is new to me. I am not completely sure if she is new to porn or not though. If she isn’t I don’t know how I ever missed her. Even though she is not a blonde I still think she is really hot. Kristina is definitely considered a Milf and a hot one at that. In this scene she winds up fucking one of her sons friends and she looked great doing it. Now that I know who Kristina is I will certainly be looking for more of her. Check out the pictures and videos of this hottie and check back here for more hot naked girls and hopefully more of Kristina Cross.

Kristina Cross

Videos of Kristina Cross here

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Posted By Ally on 06/27/08

Hey everyone. I just waned to clarify that this is Ally posting. I know some of you probably looked at the title of the post and the picture of the girl and immediately assumed that it was one of Lucky’s posts. I know that he is usually the one posting the hot big tit blondes, but I like them too. ;-) I am surprised that he hasn’t posted this scene actually. It stars a hot blonde with big tits that gets oiled up and fucked outside by the pool. That fits the description of many scenes he has posted here on Hottie Hangout. The girl that you see in the picture below is Abbey Brooks and she has been on Hottie Hangout only a couple other times. She is a real cute girl and I just love her naughty smile. :-) The scene comes from Monster Curves and Abbey is perfect for this site. Like I said before you get to see Abbey get naked and oiled up outside by the pool. After that you get to see her fucking some guy. She puts on a great performance in this scene and I really enjoyed it. Take a look at the pictures and videos of Abbey that I posted and check back here for more hotties.

Abbey Brooks

Videos of Abbey Brooks

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Posted By Lucky on 06/26/08

I was looking around on this site and found that it has been about two weeks since Shyla Stylez had been posted so I immediately went out looking for a new scene of hers. I am only kidding, but I do think that two weeks is a little too long for anyone to go without a new Shyla scene. I actually had been checking out a new site from the Brazzers network. The site is called Big Butts Like it Big. I was going to wait a little longer to talk about the site here on Hottie Hangout since it is so new, but I couldn’t wait any longer to post this scene. I do like the site, but I was waiting to see what other hotties they put on there. If you can’t guess from the title, the site is about girls with big butts that like big dick. The best thing about the site is that they were smart enough (like a few other sites that I have mentioned on here) to start off the site with a scene that stars Shyla Stylez. In the scene Shyla gets stopped at airport security and strip searched. Of course it doesn’t take Shyla long to start sucking and fucking the guy who searches her. it was another great scene of Shyla and she looked amazing as always. I especially like the outfit that Shyla wore in this scene. Check out the pictures and videos and also check out Big Butts Like it Big.

Shyla Stylez

Videos of Shyla Stylez here

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Posted By Ally on 06/25/08

Hey everyone. With all of the blondes on here lately I figured I better find a girl that doesn’t have blonde hair to balance it out. I did a little searching around and found a hotie that I really like. :-) The girl that I am talking about is Mikayla and I found her on Latin Adultery. Latin Adultery is a Naughty America site that I don’t visit too often. Every now and then I find some really hot girls on there and Mikayla has been on there a few times already. She is also no stranger to Hottie Hangout either. In this scene Mikayla is a housewife that has been watching the workers outside of her house. When the workers go on break Mikayla takes the opportunity to pick out her favorite one to have a little fun with. She goes outside and it doesn’t take too long for her to get what she wants. He winds up fucking her in a few different positions. I thought that the sex was very hot in this scene and Mikayla of course looked great. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos and check back here for more hotties.


Videos of Mikayla

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Posted By Lucky on 06/24/08

Well, I have yet another hot blonde girl with big tits. The hottie that I have for today is Puma Swede and she is pretty much the definition of big tit blonde. Puma has been on Hottie Hangout a bunch of times before and I really like her. Puma not only looks hot, but she really knows how to fuck. She certainly isn’t a lazy fuck. She usually takes control and gets really naughty. I found this scene on Big Tits at School and when I first saw that Puma was in it I had to see it right away. Puma plays a hot teacher which is a role that she plays very well and that she has played several times before. To sum up the story pretty quickly you get to see Puma fuck one of her students because she heard that he had a big dick. Puma is her usual naughty self and she puts on a great performance as always. Check out the pictures and videos of her that I posted below and check back here for more hot naked girls getting naughty.

Puma Swede

Videos of Puma Swede here

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Posted By Ally on 06/23/08

Hey everyone. I have another great scene for you to check out today. It involves four hot naked girls getting naughty. If you are looking for hot girls that get it on with each other this scene is definitely for you. :-) If you haven’t guessed by now I found these pictures and videos on We Live together. They have a lot of scenes on there that have four girls in them, but this is one of my favorites. I am sort of shocked that Lucky didn’t post it because it does have all blondes and a lot of oil. The four girls are out by the pool and they eventually wind up on an inflatable island. The girls rub oil on each other and get naked. After that they start to lick, finger and fuck each other in all kinds of different positions and dirty ways. The girls get really naughty and use plenty of toys. The best part in my opinion is when the two girls are using the double sided dildo in a really naughty way. ;-) Take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted of these hotties and check back here for more naked girls getting naughty.

four hot naked girls

Videos of these naughty girls

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Posted By Lucky on 06/22/08

The girl that I picked out for today is a hot blonde. I somehow haven’t managed to stop posting the same type of girl. Surprisingly the blonde hottie that I picked out for today doesn’t have big tits. They aren’t really that small, but they aren’t as big as some of the other girls that I post. Her name is Tanya James and she has been on Hottie Hangout a couple of times before. I came across this scene while I was checking out some of the recent updates on Housewife1on1. Housewife1on1 is still one of my favorite sites, but I don’t check it as often as I used to. Thats probably because I am a member of so many different porn sites now. In the scene Tanya takes her husband to some work function and he wasn’t too happy about it. To reward him for going with her Tanya winds up fucking and sucking him like the naughty wife she is. If every wife was like Tanya a lot more guys would be getting married. Check out the pictures and videos of Tanya and check back here for more hot naked girls.

Tanya James

Videos of Tanya James here

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Posted By Ally on 06/21/08

Hey everyone. I have a pretty interesting scene to post today. I found it on Pornstars Like it Big and it stars a few different hotties. I know two of them are girls that have been on the site before. They are August and Jayden James. I am not sure the name of the other girl though. What makes this scene so interesting is that it is a parody of American Idol. I might be one of the only people in the world who does not watch American Idol, but I would certainly watch Brazzers Idol if it was a regular show. ;-) The scene starts with the three judges auditioning a hot blonde girl. She can’t sing very well so she tries to show off her other talent which is sucking dick. She demonstrates on the guy who plays the Simon character. He is not too impressed and shows her the door. Her friend comes out next and skips the singing and goes strait to the dick sucking. Eventually the Paula character joins in and we get to watch a really hot threesome. The sex was hot and the idea was pretty amusing. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos and check back here for more hotties.

Idol hotties

Videos of the hotties

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