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Posted By Ally on 02/29/08

Hey everyone. I have a new hottie that has never appeared here on Hottie Hangout before. :-) The girl is Angelina Valentine and I think you will really like her. I have seen her in a few scenes before and I had planned on posting one of them, but I forgot too. I thought she was hot the first time I saw her so when I saw this scene of hers on Latin Adultery I had to take a look at it. Latin Adultery is a Naughty America site that doesn’t get talked about a lot on here, but when they have a hottie like Angelina Valentine I have to post her. It’s a pretty good site, but not my favorite out of all the other Naughty America Sites. Angeline looked sexy as hell and you could tell by just looking at the pictures of her that she is a really naughty girl. I watched the video and I was right. Angelina is very sexy and very naughty. In the scene she winds up fucking her friend’s husband. The video was great and I think you will like it a lot. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think about Angelina Valentine.

Angelina Valentine

Videos of Angelina Valentine

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Posted By Lucky on 02/28/08

I just love finding a new scene with one of my favorite pornstars in it. The only thing better than that is finding a new scene with two (or three in this case) of my favorite pornstars in it. That is what I found when I went to check out some of the new scenes on Pornstars Like it Big. I really like this site because they always update with sexy new girls that I think are really hot. This particular scene stars Lichelle Marie, Rachel Starr, and Phoenix Marie. All of these hotties have been posted plenty of times here on Hottie Hangout. I could go on and on about how hot I think these girls are, but all you really need to do is see a picture of them to know that. The scene consists of the three hotties playing strip poker with some lucky guy. As the game progresses the girls get naked and then they start to fuck each other and the guy. It pretty much turns into one big orgy that is really fucking hot. Check out the pictures and video to see these hotties get naked and naughty.

Lichelle Marie, Rachel Starr, and Phoenix Marie

Videos of these three hotties

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Posted By Ally on 02/27/08

Hey everyone. I was looking around for a hottie to post today and I found a really good one. :-) While I was searching for a girl I decided to see what new hotties they have on Doctor Adventures. The latest update they had on there was this one here that stars Ryder Skye. I have already posted her a couple of times on here, but the last time I posted her she got a really good response. I can see why too. Ryder is a very hot girl and she is just plain sexy. For as hot as she is I am kind of surprised that that she hasn’t been posted more often on here. In this scene Ryder Skye plays a doctor that gets naughty with her patient. That is the usual theme of the site and even though it has been a very played out theme in porn they do a pretty good job. In the pictures and videos you get to see Ryder being the hot and naughty girl she always is. She winds up fucking and sucking one of her patients right in her office. I really like the scene and I hope that you do to. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Ryder Skye

Videos of Ryder Skye

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Posted By Lucky on 02/26/08

I was really excited when I found this scene that I am about to post. I was looking around on the BangBros network and saw a picture of a girl that I have not seen in quite some time. I had to take a second look just to make sure it was in fact Jessi Summers. If you don’t know who Jessi Summers is than you are in for a real treat. Jessi is a super hot girl that I really enjoy watching. For such a hot girl she gets pretty naughty too. I guess I should say that she did get naughty, because unfortunately she has retired from the porn business. She actually retired awhile back and that is why I as so surprised to see a new scene of hers. I looked at the pictures just to make sure that this was a new scene and I didn’t remember ever seeing it. I started to watch the video and was all excited that I was about to see a new video of Jessi Summers fucking and sucking. I was also excited that Jessi Summers was back to doing porn. As the video started I caught a look at the production date in the middle of all the legal jargon before the action started and it sait it was made in 2005. I was a bit disappointed that this was just an old unreleased video and that Jessi is not back to doing porn. After watching Jessi fuck and suck in this videos I felt a lot better that I at least have another great video of this hottie to add to my collection. Check out the pictures and videos from Ball Honeys that I posted because this is probably the last time you will see a “new” scene of Jessi Summers.

Jessi Summers

Videos of Jessi Summers here

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Posted By Lucky on 02/25/08

After looking at Ally’s post from yesterday I realized that I somehow missed the opportunity to post a hot blonde girl with big tits. Well, I’ll make up for that today with a hot blonde Milf with big tits. The hottie for today I Kristal Summers. Kristal is no stranger to Hottie Hangout and she is one of my favorite Milfs. Kristal is a true Milf too. She is a hot slightly older woman that I would love to fuck. I hate when some sites try to pass off a girl in her early twenties as a Milf. I am not saying that I don’t appreciate a hot twenty year old girl, but I just don’t think they should be labeled as a Milf. Kristal on the other hand fits right into that category. I have been a fan of Kristal for years now and I watch every scene of hers that I can find. I found this one on Big Tits Boss. This site is quickly becoming one of my favorites. In the video you get to see Kristal doing whatever it take to keep one of her employees from leaving the company for a better paying job. By anything I am saying you get to see Kristal fuck and suck the hell out of this lucky bastard. It’s a hot scene, but I think those are the only kind that Kristal does. Check out the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Kristal Summers

Videos of Kristal Summers here

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Posted By Ally on 02/24/08

Hey everyone. The hottie that I selected for today is not new to Hottie Hangout, but she has only been on here once before. Her last scene on her was a threesome with Jessica Lynn so this is technically her first appearance by herself. The girl that I am talking about is Memphis Monroe. Memphis is a hot blonde with big tits so I am sort of surprised that Lucky hasn’t posted her already. ;-) I found this scene of hers on Naughty Athletics, which is a site that I don’t visit often enough. I saw Memphis on there and looked at a few of her pictures. She looked pretty hot so I decided to watch the video. Memphis looked even better in the video that in the pictures. Of course being able to see and hear her seduce her cheerleading coach helped a bit. In the scene Memphis is stranded without a ride home because her boyfriend dumped her. Her coach is nice enough to offer her a ride home. Megan accepts, but once they are at her house she is more interested in riding his dick. :-) Megan puts on a great performance in this scene and I think that you will really like it. Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Memphis Monroe

Videos of Memphis Monroe

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Posted By Lucky on 02/23/08

I think that everyone is already familiar with the hottie that I picked out for today. Her name is Brooke Belle and she has been on Hottie hangout several times before. If you don’t know about Brooke yet, or if you have never seen one of her scenes, this is the perfect time to check her out. Brooke is a hot blonde girl with big tits which I absolutely love. She also is one of the most enthusiastic pornstars in the business right now. Brooke is not the type of pornstar that seems like she is fucking for a paycheck. In fact she is just the opposite. She puts a lot of energy into her scenes and always seems like she is having a good time. Even when the scene ends it seems like she is still ready to go some more. I found this scene on Pornstars Like it Big. While I don’t usually care about the theme of a scene I did enjoy this one. It starts out with Brooke Belle going into a massage parlor to get a massage. She is all stressed out and needs to relax. She gets naked and lies on the table and looks sexy as hell. The guy comes in and starts massaging her. After a bit you get to see Brooke fucking and sucking like the naughty pornstar she is. It is a great scene that I think you should really take a look at. Check out the pictures and videos and let us know what you think of Brooke Belle.

Brooke Belle

Videos of Brooke Belle here

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Posted By Ally on 02/22/08

Hey everyone. I was trying to find a brand new girl to post here on Hottie Hangout, but I ran into a little problem. While I was looking for a new hottie I found a girl that I couldn’t resist looking at. That girl is Rachel Roxxx. Rachel has been on Hottie Hangout plenty of times before and I have already talked about how much I like her. When I saw this scene of her on Big Mouthfuls while I was searching for a new hottie I made the mistake of taking a peek at a few pictures of her. Every time I see Rachel Roxxx she just seems to get hotter. :-) This scene isn’t even brand new. It is a few weeks old and somehow I missed it. After seeing the pictures of Rachel I had to watch the video too. Rachel was great in that also. One of the things I really like about Rachel is that she always gets really naughty in her scenes and she really seems to enjoy herself. After watching the video I decided I would just post this scene here today. It was really hot and even though she isn’t new I think you will all like this scene that Rachel Roxxx stars in. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Rachel Roxxx

Videos of Rachel Roxxx

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Posted By Lucky on 02/21/08

The girl that I picked out to post here today has already been posted several times before. If you haven’t figured out from the title of this post yet her name is Savannah Gold. It shouldn’t be too surprising that she gets a lot of attention from me since she is a hot blonde with big tits. I don’t know how long Savannah has been doing porn, but since the first time I saw her I started looking for more scenes of her. Whenever I find one I usually check it out immediately. I found this one on Diary of a Nanny a few days ago and after looking at the pictures from it I decided I better watch the video. Savannah looked great in the pictures, but I don’t ever think I have seen her not look good. In the video Savannah plays a naughty nanny. Once the couple that she is a nanny for leaves the house she puts on some of the wife’s lingerie. The husband comes back home because he forgot something and catches her. Once he sees Savannah in the lingerie he can’t help but fuck her. I can’t blame him either. It was another hot scene of Savannah that I think you should check out. After looking at the pictures and videos let us know what you think of her.

Savannah Gold

Videos of Savannah Gold here

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Posted By Ally on 02/20/08

Hey everyone. The hottie that I picked out for today is certainly no stranger to Hottie hangout. Her name is Austin Kincaid and she is probably one of the most posted girls here on Hottie Hangout. She has been posted almost since Hottie Hangout started a couple of years ago. For a while I think she took a break from porn, but luckily for us she is still fucking on camera. :) I have always though that Austin was extremely beautiful. I have even said before that she is almost too beautiful for porn. Not that there aren’t plenty of pornstars that are beautiful. Austin just has a look to her that is very sexy, but I don’t think you would see her on the street and wonder if she is a pornstar. She is a real Milf and it is a pleasure to watch her. My only complaint would be that she doesn’t smile enough. It’s a shame too because it makes her even sexier than she already is. I found this scene on Milfs Like it Big. It is a brand new scene and as soon as I saw it I had to watch it. Once again Austin puts on a good performance and it is definitely a scene worth watching. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted below and let us know what you think.

Austin Kincaid

Videos of Austin Kincaid

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