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Posted By Lucky on 12/31/07

The hottie that I picked out for today is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Her name is Rhylee Richards. She also goes by the name of Rhylee Richardson which is the name she went by in my last post about her. I don’t know why she has two different names. She has a half sister named Rhyse that also goes by the same two last names. It’s kind of frustrating because I think both of them are really hot and it makes it hard to search for them by name. Luckily the girls are becoming very popular and they are showing up on lots of different sites. I found this particular scene of Rhylee on one of my favorite sites Housewife1on1. I was pretty excited when I saw her on there. I knew the combination of Rhylee and Housewife1on1 would make for a hot scene. The video starts out with Rhylee talking to her husband. The scene is shot in a POV style so she is actually talking to the camera. At first she is mad at him, but that quickly changes when he starts to try and get her naked. Before you know it Rhylle is taking her clothes off and playing with her pussy. That quickly turns into some really hot fucking and sucking. It’s scenes like this that make me love Housewife1on1 so much. If you like Rhylee than you should really check out the pictures and videos that I posted.

Rhylee Richards

Videos of Rhylee Richards here


Posted By Ally on 12/30/07

Hey everyone. I have another great scene with two really hot girls for you today. :-) I had planned on posting this earlier but somehow it got overlooked. I figured that Lucky would have posted it by now since it has a really hot blonde with big tits in it, but he must have missed it too. The scene comes from We Live Together so you can expect some hot lesbian sex. I started out looking at the pictures and I was really impressed. Both of the girls were really sexy and the pictures were great. I couldn’t wait to see these girls in action so I started to watch the video right away. The video starts out with the girls in a gym. They are getting trained by Kimbo and he show the girls a few moves. You get to see the girls jumping around with their tits bouncing all over the place. They also do some stretches and there are some great shots of their asses. After their little workout they want to have some fun. The girls get each other naked and start to play with each other. They start out just licking and fingering each other and they they get out some toys. The best part is when they are using the double sided dildo. They both have incredible asses and it is really something you need to see. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos of this scene and let us know what you think of these hotties.

Hot lesbian girls

Videos of these hotties


Posted By Lucky on 12/29/07

I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but I couldn’t resist posting this scene. I was looking around on the BangBros sites and found this video on Ass Parade. It stars two ultra hot girls and I had to see it. The girls are Rachel Starr and Jayden James. Rachel has been on Hottie Hangout a whole bunch of times before and she is definitely a favorite of mine and a lot of other people. The other girl is Jayden James. I thought that she had been on here before but I went back thought the old posts and couldn’t find her. I don’t know how she hasn’t been on here yet, but I couldn’t think of a better scene for her to make her Hottie Hangout debut. I was trying to stay away from the Christmas theme and just post some hot girls, but this one was just too good. Both girls are really hot and since it is from a site that is all about ass you really get some good shots of their sexy asses. The girls play around with each other for a while and then a guy comes into the scene. They take turns fucking and sucking him and they continue to play with each other as well. It turned into an incredibly hot threesome that I think everyone would like to see. Check out the pictures and videos that I posted and let us know what you think of Rachel and Jayden.

Rachel Starr and Jayden James

Videos of Rachel and Jayden here


Posted By Ally on 12/28/07

Hey everyone. I was looking at some of the recent posts here on Hottie Hangout this morning and I noticed that there are a lot of girls that have been posted a lot. That’s not a bad thing, but I wanted to find a new hottie that hasn’t been on here yet. I began that search on some of the Naughty America sites, and when I got to Neighbor Affair the search was over. I found a girl that I was not familiar with and she was hot. Her name is Chloe Chanel and I think you guys will like her. She is a cute little blonde with a very nice body. I looked at her pictures and they were good enough that I watched the video right afterwards. The video starts with Chloe’s neighbor showing up at her new house to welcome her to the neighborhood. He brings her a gift basket and tells her that he is happy to have her as his new neighbor. After that he tries to leave, but Chloe wants to properly thank him. Literally withing about a minute and a half from the time she first saw him she is on hers knees sucking his dick. The video continues and you get to see Chloe sucking and fucking like a really naughty girl. Now that she has made her first appearance on Hottie Hangout I need to keep an eye out for more scenes of hers. After you look at the pictures and videos let us know what you think about Chloe in the comments.

Chloe Chanel

Videos of Chloe Chanel


Posted By Lucky on 12/27/07

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was pretty good, but unfortunately I didn’t have any hot naked girls show up at my house. Maybe next year someone will send some over as a nice present (hint hint Ally). :lol: Anyway the holiday is over and it’s back to business. I went looking for a hottie this morning and found one on Big Tits at School. I saw a picture of a really hot girl that I recognized. She was the girl named Nichole that I posted a while back that I wanted to see more of. It turns out her full name (her porn name anyway) is Nichole Heiress. I started to look at a few pictures and she looked really hot. Nichole has nice big tits and they are very perky. She also has a really nice ass and the rest of her body is great too. In this scene Nichole is a student and she is having problems remembering things like where she put her homework. When she tells her teacher about the problem he tells her that lack of sex causes forgetfulness. Since she doesn’t have a boyfriend she asks the teacher to fuck her. He doesn’t go for the idea right away, but after Nichole gets up on his desk, pulls her tits out, and slides her panties to the side so she can play with her pussy he finally agrees. The two wind up licking, sucking, and fucking in all kinds of different positions right in the classroom. It was a great scene and exactly why I wanted to find more of Nichole. Check out the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Nichole Heiress

Videos of Nichole getting naughty


Posted By Ally on 12/26/07

Hey everyone. I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas. Mine was really nice. I spent the day with my family and got a bunch of great gifts. :-) I wonder if the girls lucky posted yesterday ever showed up at his house. Christmas is over though and that means it’s back to hot naked girls getting naked and naughty without the sexy Santa outfits. I found this scene this morning on Neighbor Affair and it has Alexis Texas and Lorena Sanchez in it. Alexis has been on Hottie Hangout several times before and both Lucky and I really like her. Lorena has only been on here once before and that was over a year ago and she looked different then. Both of these girls together makes for a great scene. The video starts out with Alexis and Lorena in a hot tub together. Apparently they are at a pool party that their neighbor is throwing and everyone else got too drunk and left. They still want to have fun and think the guy throwing the party is hot. They start to play around and get topless to get his attention. When they find out that he is moving and this is his last party they decide to give his one hell of a going away present. They put on a little show for him and then fuck him like crazy. It was a great scene that I think you all will like. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Alexis Texas and Lorena Sanchez

Videos of the threesome

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Posted By Lucky on 12/25/07

Merry Christmas. I hope you all are having a good Christmas and get everything you want. My Christmas has been pretty good so far, but I didn’t get everything I want. The only way for that to happen is for these three girls to show up at my house. I found this scene on Pornstars Like it Big a couple of days ago and I have been waiting until today to post it. It stars three very hot blondes with big tits. I am pretty sure all of them are on the naughty list too. The girls are Nikki Benz, Lachelle Marie, and Brooke Belle. All of these girls are regulars here on Hottie Hangout, but they have never been in the same scene together. When I first saw this scene I thought it might have been an all girl scene, but then I saw Santa. The girls start out showing off their naked bodies and then they take turns fucking each other and Santa. Now I know why he is always so jolly. It was an incredible scene and exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Check out the pictures and videos and let us know what you think. Merry Christmas to all and I hope these girls show up at my house tonight.

Christmas hotties

Videos of the hotties here


Posted By Ally on 12/24/07

Hey everyone. I see that Lucky already started to post Christmas hotties. I can’t blame him though since Melissa is such a hottie. Anyway, I picked out another Christmas scene for you guys today. It was too hard to find a girl that is as hot as Melissa so I had to find a scene that had a few girls in it. I went to We Live Together and found this one. It has three extremely hot girls in it and I think you all will really like it. :-) After looking at a few pictures from this scene I knew it would be good. Actually I knew it would be good since I found it on We Live Together, but I had to look at a few pictures to make sure. I watched the video and it was really sexy. It starts out with these three girls all wearing sexy Christmas lingerie in front of their homemade winter wonderland in a backyard. The girls are making Christmas cookies and they eventually wind up licking the icing off each other. They play around a little and then they start to get each other naked. Then they proceed to lick and finger each others pussies. After a bit they get out some toys and then they finish each other off. It was another hot scene from my favorite lesbian site. Take a look at the pictures and videos and have a Merry Christmas. :-)

Christmas hotties

Videos of the girls

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Posted By Lucky on 12/23/07

Ally may be waiting to post some Christmas themed scenes, but I can’t wait. I was looking around on Melissa Midwest’s site since I know that she always has something special for the holidays. I was also on there to see if there were any new hardcore scenes of her. If you don’t know yet Melissa Midwest has finally started to suck and fuck on camera. The first scene that I saw on her site was this one here. It is definitely holiday themed and it is definitely hardcore. Last year Melissa had a scene where she fucked Santa but Santa just had a dildo sticking out of his suit so it wasn’t real. It was still hot but this time Melissa really sucks and fucks him. I am really happy that Melissa finally started to do hardcore scenes. I have been waiting to see this girl get really naughty for a long time. I have been a member of her site for a long time now and she was the only girl that didn’t do hardcore that I had a membership for. She is hot enough that I was happy to just see her get naked and play with herself. She also had some other girls she would play with, but now she gets really naughty. Take a look at these pictures and videos of Melissa fucking Santa and let us know what you think about her.

Melissa Midwest

Videos of Melissa Midwest here

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Posted By Ally on 12/22/07

Hey everyone. I found a really hot Christmas themed scene last night, but I decided to wait a little bit to post it. Instead I picked out another great scene with a hot Milf. Her name is Veronica Rayne and she has been on Hottie Hangout a couple of times before. Veronica is really sexy and I definitely enjoy watching her get naughty. :-) I found this scene of hers on Mommy Got Boobs and when I saw that Veronica Rayne was in it I had to take a look. I took a look at some of the pictures and Veronica looked amazing. After looking at some of the pictures I started to watch the video. The video starts out with Veronica walking into her ex husbands house. She is there to take the things she wants and have him sign the divorce papers. The only problem is she wants all of the stuff that he doesn’t want to give her including his car. She tries to convince him to just let her have what she wants, but he also wants something if he has to give up his car. He wants to fuck her ass. After a little bit Veronica gives in. He starts to get her naked right in the garage and then he starts to lick her pussy right on top of his car. She blows him for a bit and then they start to fuck like crazy. He even gets to fuck her ass which he has been dying to do. It was a really hot video and the sex was great. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Veronica Rayne

Videos of Veronica Rayne


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