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Posted By Ally on 10/31/07

Hey everyone. Happy Halloween. I looked around for a while to try and find a good scene with some hot girls in sexy Halloween costumes, but unfortunately I couldn’t find one. I guess it will be easier to find some scenes like that after Halloween. If you really want to see a girl in a sexy costume take a look at Lucky’s post from yesterday and that should hold you over until I find more. Instead of girls in costumes I have completely naked girls for you today. :-) I didn’t think you would be disappointed by that. During my search for Halloween hotties I decided to check my favorite lesbian site We Live Together. I didn’t find anything there, but I didn’t just move on to the next site either. I saw this pictures of four hot girls and got a little sidetracked. I thought it would be a good idea to at least take a closer look at them. I looked at a few pictures an the next thing you know I was watching the video. It’s pretty easy to get distracted when you see a full blown lesbian orgy. ;-) The girls all looked hot and all my attention was on the girls licking each other and fucking one another with a bunch of different toys. After I watched the videos and saw how good it was I stopped searching for girls in sexy costumes and decided that this would be the scene I would post today. I hope that you aren’t disappointed, but I don’t see how you could be with all the hot girls in this scene. :-) Check out the pictures and videos and have a Happy Halloween.

Four hot naked girls

Videos of the girls


Posted By Lucky on 10/30/07

I know it’s not Halloween yet but I have been dying to post this scene. Besides, Ally gets to make a post tomorrow and not me. The hottie that I picked out for today is my absolute favorite girl in porn right now. I can’t think of another girl that is hotter than her; in fact I can’t think of anything else but her hot naked body. If you don’t know how I feel about Shyla Stylez than you have seen very little posts by me here on Hottie Hangout. She even might be the most posted girl on here. Besides the fact that I couldn’t wait to show everyone more pictures and videos of Shyla the other reason I am posting this scene is that it does have a slight Halloween theme to it. Shyla is going to a costume party and goes to meet the guy she is going with at his house. He isn’t ready yet so he goes to change into his costume. He comes back into the room wearing nothing at all. Shyla is shocked when she finds out he is going in his birthday suit. What isn’t shocking is that they don’t ever make it to the party. What did you expect? This is a porn scene after all. Instead of going to the party they wind up fucking like crazy. I may be slightly biased since I like Shyla so much, but I thought this scene from Pornstars Like it Big was really great. Take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted below and let us know what you think about it.

Shyla Stylez

Hot videos of Shyla Stylez here


Posted By Ally on 10/29/07

Hey everyone. It’s Monday and I had to go back to work today. It was pretty hard to get through the day because all day long I kept thinking about this scene that I am posting for you. I was looking for a hottie last night and found this scene on Diary of a Nanny. I saw two hotties that I didn’t recognize. I looked at a few of the pictures and I still didn’t know who the girls were. It turns out that the girls are Kayla Paige and Jaclyn Case. Neither of these girls have been on Hottie Hangout before. After looking at a few more pictures I saw that this wasn’t just a lesbian scene it was actually a threesome. :-) After finding out that it was a threesome with two hot girls that are new to me I couldn’t wait to watch the video. It starts out with one of the girls who is a nanny talking to her boss. He is going out for the night so she has her girlfriend come over. Once he leaves the girls start to get each other naked and lick each other. The guy comes back because he forgot something and walks in on the girls 69ing. He acts all upset at first (I have no idea why) but then the girls have him join in. It turns into a really hot threesome that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. ;-) Take a look at some of the pictures and videos from this scene that I posted below.

Kayla Paige and Jaclyn Case

Video of the threesome

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Posted By Lucky on 10/28/07

I know this may be shocking, but I found some great pictures and videos of a hot naked blonde girl with big tits. If you check out Hottie Hangout regularly you will know that I am being sarcastic. I am addicted to hot blondes with big tits and I post them here quite often. The one that I am posting today is Gina Lynn. Gina is a pretty famous pornstar and she has been on this site a bunch of times already. I found this particular scene of hers on Big Tits at School. They have a lot of great hotties on there and I have really been impressed with that site. In this scene Gina plays a really naughty teacher. She has a bunch of rowdy students in her class and today is her big evaluation with the principal. She needs to convince the students to behave while the principal is in the classroom so she makes a deal with them. They behave and she will show them her tits. Everything works out as planned, but the principal nows something is up. Gina has a reputation for being pretty slutty and when the principal asks her about it she shows him that it’s true. Gina needs this job so she sucks and fucks him right in the classroom. It was a really good scene and Gina puts on a great performance as always. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Gina Lynn

Videos of Gina Lynn here


Posted By Ally on 10/27/07

Hey everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend. I have to get caught up on some work, but I still had some time to find you some pictures and videos of a hottie. :-) The girl is Mikayla and she has been on Hottie Hangout several times before. I really like her and every time I see a new scene with her in it I will watch it. I found this scene on Latin Adultery which is a Naughty America site that I don’t visit too often. They have quite a few hotties on there, but I like some of there other sites a little more. Since it’s free with my membership I’ll check it out every now and then and when I saw Mikayla on there I was pretty excited. She looked hot as ever and I was pretty impressed with the pictures of her. The video starts out with Mikayla talking to this guy in a restaurant. She tells him that her husband doesn’t know that she is out with him and if he knew he would be pissed. After that they cut to the bathroom where these two wind up moments later. Mikayla is sucking his dick and loving it. After that these two fuck like crazy. There is nothing like some crazy hot sex in a restaurant bathroom. Not like I know what thats like or anything. ;-) Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.


Videos of Mikayla


Posted By Lucky on 10/26/07

I have a really hot scene for everyone to check out today. The girl that I picked out is Bree Olsen. You may also know her as Bree Olson too. Sure they both sound the same, but if you wanted to see more of this girl it helps to have the correct spelling. I just hate when girls have different spellings of their name, or even worse, if they have two different names all together. Bree is so hot though that I will overlook that little problem. Besides, if you wanted to search for more of Bree you could start by looking here on Hottie Hangout. She has been posted several times before in some other great scenes. When you look at the picture of her below you might think that she is this sweet innocent girl, but if you have ever seen Brooke fuck before you will be able to see right through that cute face of hers. Don’t let that innocent look fool you. This girl gets really naughty. In this scene Bree is at a porn shop and she is watching some dirty movies in one of the booths. Of course this was pre setup, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually did that when she was not being filmed. Anyway you get to see her playing around with some of the toys and then the real naughty part of the video starts. She goes back to a house with this guy and you get to see her fuck and suck the hell out of him. The scene is really dirty and since it is from Big Wet Butts you can definitely expect a lot of anal sex. Bree seems to love every second of it and I think you will too. Check her out and let us know what you think.

Bree Olsen

Naughty Videos of Bree here


Posted By Ally on 10/25/07

Hey everyone. I have a brand new girl that has never been on Hottie Hangout before. Most of the time the hottie for the day has been on Hottie Hangout at least once already, but we do find new girls every now and then. ;-) Actually my favorite posts are usually the ones where I find a new girl that I have never seen before. The girl I found for today is named Cheyanne. Unfortunately that is the only name I have for her. It’s a shame too because after seeing her in this scene I really would like to see more of her. I found this scene on Cum Fiesta last night. I was searching for a good video with some pretty naughty sex so I went there to find one. I saw the picture of Cheyanne and decided to check her out. After seeing a few pictures of this hottie I was surprised with how naughty she gets. In the video You get to see Cheyanne strip off her clothes and get naked. After that you get to see her sucking and fucking some guy until she gets the facial that she wanted. It was a really hot and naughty scene and it was just what I was looking for. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos of Cheyanne and let us know what you think of her.


Videos of Cheyanne

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Posted By Lucky on 10/24/07

The hottie that I picked out for today is no stranger to Hottie Hangout. She has been posted here a bunch of times and everyone always seems to like her. Of course the fact that she is a hot blonde with big tits helps. The girl is Nikki Benz and I found this scene of hers on Pornstars Like it Big. Nikki has been in quite a few scenes form this site so I guess she really does like it big. Whenever I see Nikki Benz I am never disappointed. She always puts on a good performance and she always looks hot. What more could you ask from a pornstar? In this scene she is having trouble with her car. Since her husband can’t fix anything she calls over her husbands friend to work on it. After he is done fixing the car Nikki has him come inside to fix something else. Apparently Nikki’s husband doesn’t do a lot of things around the house, including his wife. Since he isn’t around Nikki tells the repairman that she needs to get fucked. It doesn’t take much convincing for Nikki to get what she wants. She pulls off his pants and starts sucking his dick and she is thrilled when she sees how big it is. The rest of the video consists of Nikki fucking the hell out of this guy. Check out the pictures and videos for yourself to see Nikki Benz get naked and naughty.

Nikki Benz

Videos of Nikki Benz here

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Posted By Ally on 10/23/07

Hey everyone. I have some more hot pictures and videos for you today. :-) I noticed that it’s been a while since I posted some hotties from We Live Together. I went to take a look and see what new scenes that they had on there and I was pleasantly surprised. They always have some hot girls on there and all of there recent scenes are packed with hotties. The first one that caught my eye is the one that I am posting today. Most of the scenes on We Live Together involve at least three girls getting naked and naughty, but this one only has two. I normally say the more girls the better, but sometimes it’s nice to see just two girls having some fun with each other. Sometimes when there are too many hotties it’s hard to focus on what is going on. When I saw it was just two hot blondes getting naughty with each other on a boat I had to take a look. Both of the girls are really hot and they really seem to like each other. It’s a great scene and exactly what I expect from the site. Take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted to see these two hotties getting naughty with their tongues and some toys. I think you’ll like it. ;-)

Two hot girls

Videos of these girls

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Posted By Lucky on 10/22/07

I was looking around for a hot girl to post here today and I found this scene that stars Puma Swede on My First Sex Teacher. Once I saw it was a new Puma Swede scene I knew I would wind up posting it here on Hottie Hangout. Puma is one hottie that never lets me down. She always looks hot and she always gives it her all in every video I have seen her in. She has one of the nicest sets of tits and a nice hot body to go along with them. Even though Puma is a hot blonde with big tits that looks great naked, that isn’t the only reason I like her. Most girls that look like Puma could get away with not being as into the sex as some other girls, but lucky for us Puma loves to fuck. I seriously have to wonder sometimes if she would still be fucking on camera if they didn’t pay her. This girl just loves to fuck and it really shows in every scene that I have seen her in including this one. This time she is teaching some guy Swedish, but he isn’t paying attention. He is just staring at her tits and thinking what she looks like naked. Puma notices that he isn’t paying attention and that leads to the question of why he wants to learn Swedish so bad in the first place. When Puma finds out the only reason he wants to learn the language is to have sex with girls on his trip to Sweden, she shows him that he doesn’t have to fly halfway across the world to fuck a hot Swedish girl. You should really take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted if you want to see a really hot Swedish girl fuck the hell out of some lucky guy like she hasn’t had it in years.

Puma Swede

Hot videos of Puma Swede here

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