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Posted By Lucky on 08/31/07

I know that I just posted a scene with Lachelle Marie in it a few days ago but I found another one that is really nice. Lachelle is rather new to porn, but this will be her third appearance here on Hottie Hangout already. She is becoming very popular very quickly. Of course it helps that she is a hot blonde girl with big tits. I found this scene of hers on Big Tits at School and I just couldn’t skip over it. Lachelle is very photogenic and looks absolutely stunning in the pictures. I looked at all of them and then watched the video. The beginning is a little slow, but after that it really picks up. Lachelle plays a teachers assistant who is trying to get a full time position at the college. The professor who is going to be doing her evaluation tells Lachelle that she is doing a good job, but there have been a lot of other assistants that have done a good job too. Lachelle lets him know that she is willing to do anything to get this job. She not only tells him, she shows him too. She hops up on the desk and pulls out her tits and slides her panties to the side. After that it is pretty much non stop licking, sucking, and fucking. After seeing Lachelle Marie fuck and suck I am pretty sure she secured her new job. Take a look at the pictures and videos from this scene to see Lachelle getting naughty. I think everyone will really like this scene.

Lachelle Marie

Videos of Lachelle Marie here


Posted By Ally on 08/30/07

Hey everyone. I have a girl that isn’t blonde to post today, but she has been on Hottie Hangout a lot of other times. The girl is Audrey Bitoni and I found her on Doctor Adventures. I have been watching a lot of videos from there lately and I really like the site. They have some really hot girls and I am really starting to like the doctor theme. When I saw this new scene with Audrey Bitoni I had to take a look at it. Audrey just seems to keep getting hotter every time I see her. After I watched a bit of the video I realized that she is getting naughtier too. :-) When she started out in porn she seemed a bit shy, but now she is really fun to watch. She has no problem showing off her hot naked body and no problem getting really naughty. Just looking at the pictures from this scene I could tell that the video would be good. There are a ton of pictures from this scene and a bunch of great solo shots of Audrey fully naked. In the video Audrey goes to see her doctor because she has a throat problem. After talking to the doctor for a bit she winds up telling him that her problem is she can’t deepthroat her boyfriend. The Doctor has a cure and that is for her to practice on him. Audrey is very enthusiastic and gets right down on her knees and starts to deepthroat his dick as far down her throat as she can. Of course Audrey doesn’t stop there. She winds up fucking the doctor in all kinds of different positions. :-) In my opinion this is one of Audrey’s best scenes yet. She looks great and really gets into the scene. Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Audrey Bitoni

Videos of Audrey Bitoni getting naughty


Posted By Lucky on 08/29/07

I don’t even need to describe this scene at all, but I’ll go ahead and try to anyway. All that really needs to be said is that it stars Carmella Bing, Gianna Michaels, and Shyla Stylez. All three of these girls have been on Hottie Hangout before, but never in the same scene. I had posted a scene a while back that had Carmella and Shyla together, and I thought it was one of the best scenes ever. This scene has both of those hotties and Gianna Michaels too. Any of these girls could easily carry a scene all by themself, but the three of them together is just a hottie overload. The site that this comes from is Pornstars Like it Big and all three of these girls like big dick and that is what they get. The pictures from this scene are amazing. I actually took one of the pictures of these three girls in front of the Lamborghini and used it as my new desktop wallpaper. The video is even better. The three girls are having a carwash and wearing little tiny bikinis. After the girls come in from the carwash they are on the hunt for a big dick and they finally find one. Once they find it they really put it to use. You get to see all of these girls fucking, sucking, licking and a whole bunch of other things too. It turns into one big orgy with everyone getting really dirty. This is absolutely one scene that you have to see. Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know if you agree that this is one of the best scenes and combinations of girls ever.

Shyla Carmella and Gianna

Videos of the girls here

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Posted By Ally on 08/28/07

Hey everyone. I have yet another great lesbian scene for you. I didn’t intend on posting this scene today, but I was checking We Live Together last night to see if there were any new scenes and I saw this one. I saw that it had four hot girls in it so I decided to take a look at the pictures. The pictures looked so good that I wound up watching the video too. After watching the video I decided that I should post this scene here on Hottie Hangout for everyone else to see. I have been trying to stay away from posting blondes since that is all that Lucky has been posting lately, but I thought that you guys would really like this scene. The only girl that I recognized by name was Sammie Rhodes, but I think I have seen all of them before. The girls start out in a bedroom playing some games. After a while a pillow fight breaks out and the girls are barely wearing anything at all. After the Pillow fight the girls start to remove what little they have on and get down to the real fun. The girls lick and finger each other for a while and actually form a big lesbian train. It doesn’t take them too long to get out the toys and start the really naughty part. The girls use double sided dildos and strap-ons to get each other off. It is another great scene from We Live Together, but I don’t think that there is any other kind on there. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos to see these girls getting naughty.

Four naked hot girls

Videos of these hot girls

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Posted By Lucky on 08/27/07

I was looking at some of the past posts here on Hottie Hangout this weekend and I ran across my post about Lachelle Marie. After seeing this hot girl naked again I couldn’t get her off my mind. I spent a good amount of time this weekend looking for any sort of picture or video of Lachelle Marie. After a lot of searching I found this scene on My First Sex Teacher. It not only has Lachelle Marie in it, but Trina Michaels is with her too. As much as I like Trina and as hot as she is I really wanted to see Lachelle. After watching the video I couldn’t stop thinking about either of these hotties. The scene starts out with Trina Michaels dismissing her class, but she tells her TA Lachelle to stay after because she needs to talk to her. Trina tells Lachelle that she has been hearing rumors about her fooling around with some of the guys in the class and it needs to stop. Lachelle accuses her of being jealous and wanting her all to herself. After that accusation these girls wind up going at it right on the desk in the classroom. While Lachelle is licking Trina’s pussy another student comes back in to get his phone that he forgot. Lachelle invites him to join in and the scene turns into a smoking hot threesome. I can’t say enough good things about this scene and both of the girls. Take a look at the pictures and videos for yourself to see these girls naked and really naughty.

Trina Michaels and Lachelle Marie

Hot videos of the threesome here

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Posted By Ally on 08/26/07

I have a great scene for everyone today. It stars Eva Angelina and it is from Big Tits at Work. I know that Eva has been on Hottie Hangout a whole bunch of times already, but I wanted to post a girl that wasn’t a blonde since there has been so many of them on here lately. I was looking for a scene from the Big Boob Pass sites and saw the picture of Eva in the newest scene from Big Tits at Work. Eva always looks hot and she has never disappointed me in a scene so I decided to take a look at the pictures. There was a ton of them and they all looked great. :-) It was a complete difference from the pictures from the last scene that I posted. Eva looked so hot in the pictures I just had to see the video. In the scene Eva is trying to put on a presentation for her bosses. They aren’t paying one bit of attention to anything but her tits and ass. They are both acting like little kids and sexually harassing her. Halfway through the presentation the janitor comes in. She tells both of her bosses that there is no chance of her ever fucking them and that the janitor has a better chance. They don’t believe her so she grabs the janitor and starts to suck and fuck him right in front of them. It’s pretty hot that Eva just starts fucking right in front of them and she gets really naughty too. :-) Eva was great in this scene and that is why she has been on Hottie Hangout so many times. Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think of Eva’s performance.

Eva Angelina

Videos of Eva ANgelina getting naughty

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Posted By Lucky on 08/25/07

Everyone that visits Hottie Hangout regularly should know that I am addicted to hot naked blonde girls with big tits. Well, today’s post has one of the hottest blonde girls with one of the biggest sets of tits I have seen. Her name is Savannah Gold (she has also gone by the name of Natalie Heck) and she has been posted here a lot in a short period of time. The reason for that is pretty obvious when you see this girl. She is absolutely stunning. She has a perfect set of nice big tits, and an incredibly hot body. She also has a very sexy face with some really full lips that she uses very well. Savannah is easily becoming one of my favorite pornstars ever. I saw this scene of hers on Big Tits Round Asses and had to check it out. If you have never seen Savannah Gold before this is the prefect time to check her out and if you are already a fan of hers than this is a scene you absolutely have to have in your collection. The pictures from the scene are incredible. They show you just how hot Savannah really is. The video is even better. It is about an hour long and the first 15 to 20 minutes consists of the camera man interviewing Savannah while she strips out of her clothes and shows you every last bit of her gorgeous naked body. After that a guy comes over and you get to see how naughty this hot girl can get. The sex is incredibly hot and the video was shot perfectly so you can really appreciate this hottie. The pictures below are not of the sex because I wanted everyone to see how gorgeous Savannah is even when she isn’t fucking. The videos show her having sex and give you a good idea of how naughty she is. Take a look at them and let us know what you think of Savannah in the comments.

Savannah Gold

Hot videos of Savannah Gold getting naughty here

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Posted By Ally on 08/24/07

Hey everyone. I have been trying to post girls that aren’t blondes lately since Lucky is having a hard time posting anything but them. I saw this girl on Doctor Adventures though and I couldn’t help posting her. When I first saw her I thought she looked familiar. After a bit I realized that she was the Kelli Tyler I post a few months ago. :-) The last time I posted her I didn’t think she looked that great in the pictures. This time I though she looked really hot even in the pictures, but unfortunately the pictures aren’t the best. Normally the pictures from the scenes at the Brazzers Pass sites are really good, but this time they came out a little too dark. The indoor pictures aren’t bad, but the ones shot outside had some bad lighting and made it hard to see Kelli’s sexy body. Yet again the best way to see this girl is in the video, which isn’t really a bad thing. :-) In the scene Kelli is a physical therapist who is helping one of her patients recover. She is exercising with him in a pool. You have to look past reality in this scene because they are in a swimming pool that looks like it’s in the backyard of a really nice house, and halfway through the scene they go inside to a doctor’s office. If you can get past the cheesy scenario you get to see some really hot sex. Kelli’s patient got a bit excited when she was helping him in the pool. She gets out and sits in the chair and starts to get naked and play with herself. He gets out and then these two fuck like crazy. Eventually they go inside to the office and continue to fuck some more. It’s a great scene with really hot sex, but just ok pictures, and a bad location choice. Take a look at the pictures below, but most importantly watch the video clips.

Kelli Tyler

Videos of Kelli Tyler

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Posted By Lucky on 08/23/07

Well I have an amazing scene for everyone today. It involves two hot Milfs and one other hottie fucking a very lucky guy. I found this scene on My First Sex Teacher and it stars Carolyn Reese, Lexi Lamour, and Samantha Ryan. The group of hotties that the people at Naughty America put together for this scene is just phenomenal. Even though I don’t usually care for a story with the sex, the idea behind this video was pretty damn good. Carolyn Reese catches a student snooping around the girl’s locker room. She brings him to Lexi Lamour, who is either another teacher or the dean (I’m not sure which one) and tells her what he was doing. The two hot Milfs decide on a horrible punishment for him. He has to fuck both of them. I know what an awful punishment, but what can I say it’s porn. Despite the ridiculous setup Carolyn and Lexi have their way with him and it is really hot to watch them having their fun. Right when everyone is naked and really getting into the sex another student, Samantha Ryan, comes into the office. She is shocked at what she sees, but Lexi tells her that if she wants to stay enrolled at the school she better participate. I know, more crazy porn logic, but it’s hot none the less. Samantha sits down and watched everyone lick and suck each other while she rubs her pussy. Eventually it turns into one big orgy with two hot Milfs and two college students. Everyone is fucking everyone and it is a scene that you really should check out. Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Carolyn Reese and Lexi Lamour

Videos of this hot foursome here

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Posted By Ally on 08/22/07

Hey everyone. I was in a particularly naughty mood again last night and went looking for a good video with some dirty hot sex in it. ;-) I was looking at some of the recent girls here on Hottie Hangout and I saw my last post about Rachel Roxxx. She is a hot girl that has really been growing on me for a while now. When I first saw her I wasn’t too impressed, but after watching one scene with her in it I became a fan of hers. This girl can get really naughty and she knows how to fuck. That was exactly what I was looking for last night so I started to look around for another scene of hers. I knew that I had skipped over a few of her scenes on some of the Brazzers Pass sites before I had found out how sexy this girl was. I went looking at some of the older scenes there and found a good one on Doctor Adventures. In the scene Rachel is in her office and she thinks she is alone. She starts to put some lotion on and she also starts to get turned on. She thinks she is alone so she starts to play with herself. Little did she know that the janitor was hiding in the room and watching her the whole time. Long story short, she catches him spying on her and winds up making him lick her pussy. She is nice enough to return the favor and suck his dick before fucking him like crazy. Rachel gets really naughty in this scene and that was exactly what I was hoping for. :-) Take a look at the pictures and videos for yourself to see Rachel Roxxx being a really naughty doctor.

Rachel Roxxx

Videos of Rachel Roxxx

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