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Posted By Lucky on 06/30/07

Sometimes finding a hot naked girl is just too easy. It took me all of maybe 30 seconds to find today’s hottie. I went to see what new girls they had on the BigBoobPass sites and the first site I checked was Big Tits at Work. I scrolled down past a couple girls that where also hot enough to be posted here and that is when I saw Victoria. Victoria is a hot blonde with a nice set of tits. Simply put she is smoking fucking hot. I started looking at her pictures right away and after looking at just a couple of them I knew that she would be the hottie I would pick for today. I looked at the rest of her pictures and then I watched the video right afterwards. Victoria plays a FedEx delivery girl in this scene and she even looks hot in the ugly uniform. Luckily that uniform doesn’t stay on for very long. Victoria delivers a package to this guy in his office. The package is damaged and this guy gets pretty upset. He threatens to report her for mishandling the package and damaging it, but she offers to handle his package if he doesn’t. I don’t know about you, but I would let Victoria run though my house and break everything I own if I could do the things to her that this guy did. Of course he reconsiders reporting her after she starts to take off her clothes and suck his dick. By the time he is fucking her on his desk I think he had forgotten about the delivery all together. Not only is Victoria smoking hot she can also fuck like an animal. She gets pretty naughty in this scene and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing I don’t like about Victoria is that since she has a short one word common name it is hard to find more of her. It shouldn’t be too hard to remember her though and I’m sure I will see her again. Check out the pics and vids and leave a comment if you have the time.


Videos of Victoria here

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Posted By Ally on 06/29/07

Hey everyone. I was looking around for a hottie to post for today and I found one that is just perfect. :-) Her name is Mai and I found her on Big Naturals. This is Mai’s first appearance here on Hottie Hangout and it is also the first time I have ever seen her. Mai has an adorable face and a nice big set of tits that are real. It’s getting harder and harder to find a really sexy girl that has big real tits. It seems that most girls are getting implants even if they already have big tits and don’t need them. I don’t mind fake tits, but it’s always nice to see the real thing. The thing that I really like about this scene is that no one else besides Mai is in it. She is just all by herself without another girl or guy. The scene starts out with Mai outside by the pool. She pours some oil on herself and slowly rubs it in. Just watching her rub those big tits with oil would have been just fine with me, but that is only the beginning. She starts to take off the rest of her clothes and once she is naked she starts to play with her pussy. After a little while she goes inside where she can get a little more comfortable. Once inside she puts on a sexy outfit and relaxes on the couch. She lies back and starts to play with her pussy a little more and then she gets out her toy. The rest of the scene is Mai playing with her pussy and fucking her self with her dildo. It was a great scene with a girl that I have never seen before and no one else in the scene to distract me from watching her play with herself. Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think of this hottie.


Videos of Mai

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Posted By Lucky on 06/28/07

I have not one, but two hot naked girls for everyone today. I was going to post another scene instead of this one, but I made the mistake of looking at SexPro Adventures after I already picked out a hottie for today. They have a good amount of hotties on there, but the one that I had to see was this one. It stars Gina Lynn, who is one of my favorite pornstars, and the very hot Aline. Gina Lynn has been on Hottie Hangout a bunch of times already and I am pretty sure most people recognize her. Aline on the other hand has made only one appearance on here before and in that post Ally was hoping to find more of her, which she will when she sees this post. Since the scene is from SexPro Adventures and Gina Lynn is the experienced pornstar I think you can guess who the SexPro is. In the scene Aline and her husband are swingers but they have a slight problem. The problem is that they are bad in bed. Well good thing they called Gina Lynn because if there is one girl that has no problem fucking its Gina. One of the things that I like about Gina Lynn (besides the fact that she is a hot blonde with big tits) is that she knows what she wants and has no problem telling the person or people that she is fucking what it is. I have said that I am not a fan of porn sites with a theme, but I do like the ides behind SexPro Adventures. Any scene with Gina Lynn telling and showing people how to fuck I will happily watch. This was a really hot scene and both Gina and Aline really got into the sex and put on a great performance. Take a look at the pics and vids and see for yourself how hot these girls are.

Gina Lynn and Aline

Videos of the threesome here


Posted By Ally on 06/27/07

I have another sexy hottie for you today. The best part is that she is a redhead. :-) If you don’t already know I really like redheads. Besides the fact that they look hot they are usually pretty crazy in bed, or in a classroom like this scene. The girl is Morgan Reigns and I found her on Big Tits at School. I don’t think I have ever seen Morgan before, but she does look sort of familiar. I wonder if I might have seen her under a different name or something. I looked at a few pictures of her and she looked really sexy. She does have a decent size tattoo that I am not too fond of, but I can look past it. She does have a really pretty face and a nice body with a big set of tits which makes it easy to forget about the tattoo. I watched the video from this scene and thought it was just another teacher fucks student scene, but there was actually a stranger story than that. Morgan is a teacher and one of her students decides that he doesn’t want to do any more work and just pass the class. Morgan says that there is only one way for that to happen and that is to have sex with her. The strange part is that her student just so happens to be her husband’s brother. I really wasn’t expecting that and it did kind of make the scene a little hotter. Morgan didn’t really need much help making the scene hotter though. She looks great naked and she looks even better when she is fucking. She goes at it with her student/husband’s brother in all kinds of different positions right on the desk in the classroom. I was pretty impressed with Morgan and I will definitely try to find some more scenes of hers. She gets pretty naughty and that is why I love redheads so much. :-) Take a look at these pictures and videos and let us know what you think.

Morgan Reigns

Videos of Morgan Reigns


Posted By Lucky on 06/26/07

I was looking around for hotties and decided to check out some of the hot girls on the BangBros sites. I got to the front page with their updates and saw this girl from Big Tits Round Asses that looked really hot. Since she is a hot blonde with big tits she caught my attention pretty easily. I looked at a few more pictures of her and then decided that I had to see the video from this scene. The video starts out with this hottie walking down an ally and she runs into the camera guy. What a lucky coincidence that was. Anyway, she says that she is lost and looking for the beach. She also happens to give her name which is helpful since it is not listed anywhere on the site in print. Her name is Jaylyn Rose and while the name doesn’t ring a bell she does look a little familiar and I think I have seen her before. Instead of going to the beach she goes back to the camera guy’s house and starts to get naked and show off her body for him. Now if you are looking for a good story or even a realistic setup this is not the scene for you. It is very staged and while I would love to believe this is just some spring break hottie that they picked up on the way to the beach Jaylyn is a pornstar and not an amateur. Luckily I don’t care about the setup and kept watching the video. While the folks at BangBros may not be the best people to setup a story, they are definitely one of the best to show off a girls body and film her fucking. The sex in the scene is hot and they do a great job of showing of Jaylyn before and during the sex. This is another scene to prove my theory that most people could care less about the story in a porn scene and they just want to see a hot naked girl getting fucked. Take a look at the pictures and video clips of Jaylyn and let us know what you think of her.

Jaylyn Rose

Videos clips of Jaylyn here

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Posted By Ally on 06/25/07

While I was getting caught up on all the porn scenes I missed this weekend I ran across this scene from Doctors Adventures. It stars Eve Laurence, and I haven’t stopped thinking about her since I posted her last. In Eve’s last scene on Hottie Hangout she was with Eva Angelina and it was pretty hot. Since her last scene was good and this one was from Doctors Adventures I figured I would take a look at it. I really like office sex, but sex in a doctor’s office is pretty hot too. After looking at a couple pictures I figured the scene looked good enough to watch the video. I do have to say that after a few minutes into the video I almost gave up. :-( I really enjoy when a scene has a theme and there is a bit of a story to it. This one starts out with Eve in what is supposed to be a hospital, but it looks a lot more like just a room with an examination table and a cheap desk. Eve winds up getting fired by her boss at the beginning and the acting is pretty bad. She tells him that she refuses to give up her job and starts to take his clothes off. She tells him that if he fires her she will claim sexual harassment or he could let her keep her job and have some fun. He obviously chooses option two and then the scene starts to get good. :-) Even with the bad acting and the make believe setting the sex in this scene was good enough for me to still like it. While I like a realistic looking set and a good story behind a scene it isn’t near as important as the sex. Eve is really into fucking this guy and “keeping her job” and despite the acting she puts on a great performance. Either that or she was just really horny. What ever it was it was a great scene of Eve’s that you should take a look at. Enjoy the pictures and videos and let us know what you think of this scene.

Eve Laurence

Videos of Dr Eve Laurence

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Posted By Lucky on 06/24/07

I figured since Ally posted a new hottie here yesterday that I could go ahead and post one of my favorite pornstars that has been on Hottie Hangout a bunch of times already. The girl I am talking about is Nikki Benz. Nikki has been posted here a lot and she is one of my favorite pornstars. This scene of hers is from Pornstars like it Big and so was her last scene that was posted here. I really liked the fact that she was one of three hot girls in the last scene, but Nikki does just fine on her own in this one too. It’s great to see a scene with multiple hot girls, but it’s also nice to see all the focus on just one hottie. One of the reasons Nikki has been on here a lot is because she is a hot blonde with big tits, but that isn’t the only reason she is one of my favorite pornstars. It takes more than just a hot body and big tits to be a great pornstar. Nikki not only looks hot, but this girl can really fuck. She is pretty aggressive and knows what she wants. In this scene what she wants is a big dick and that is what she gets. She is recruiting guys for her big dick agency (I know kind of ridiculous) and for herself. After a bit of convincing she gets the one guy she really wanted. Her way of convincing him is by fucking and sucking the hell out of him. Nikki looks hot as always in this scene and she really wants to get fucked which makes this scene great. If you are a fan of Nikki’s you should really take a look at these pictures and videos of her and if you not a fan this might just make you one.

Nikki Benz

Videos of Nikki Benz here

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Posted By Ally on 06/23/07

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a nice weekend. I have spent my day sleeping in and looking at porn. :-) It doesn’t really get any better than that. Part of the reason I spent so much time looking at porn is because I really needed to catch up on all the scenes that I don’t have time to at least take a peek at. I even went back and looked at a few girls that I didn’t have time to check out before. One of those girls is today’s hottie. Her name is Mackenzee and I found her on First Time Auditions. I was going to take a look at her scene when it first came out, but I just didn’t have the time. While I was skimming through the site I saw her picture and thought that I better at least take a look at a few pictures of her now or I might never see this scene. After seeing a few pictures of her getting naked I thought she looked really sexy. She has an extremely cute face and a nice tight little body. I looked at few more pictures of her and decided I better just watch the video. Mackenzee looked even hotter in the video. She looks really cute and innocent while she is taking off her clothes and once she is naked she starts to play with her pussy. When she gets pretty worked up a guy comes into the room and all of her innocence goes right out the window. She starts to suck him and fuck and she certainly looks like she knows what she is doing. Even thought the site is called First Time Auditions I am pretty sure that she has done this before. ;-) They can call the site what ever they want I just hope that they call Mackenzee back to do another scene. I also found a few other scenes this morning with other girls that have never been on Hottie Hangout before. Hopefully I will post some of them this week. For now enjoy these pictures and videos of Mackenzee.


Videos of Mackenzee

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Posted By Lucky on 06/22/07

I am on my third straight day of posts and today’s post is Claire Dames third appearance here on Hottie Hangout. I figured since I was talking about Naughty America yesterday I should probably find a girl from there to post here today. I went looking on my favorite site Housewife1on1 and found this scene of Claire Dames. I haven’t been posting a lot of hotties from Housewife1on1 lately and the ones that I would like to post Ally has been posting. I thought I better get some pictures and videos of Claire up before Ally does because I know that she likes her as much as I do. Every time I see Claire Dames I can’t get over how sexy her face is and how big her tits are. There is something about her face that just gets me every time. She usually has a really sexy and naughty smile too that just grabs my attention. I watched the video from this scene and it was another great scene of Claire’s and another reason why I love Housewife1on1 and Naughty America so much. It’s nice to have the better quality pictures ad videos so you can really see how hot Claire is. In the scene Claire was at a dinner Party with her man and she couldn’t wait to get home and fuck the hell out of him. Since the video is shot in the point of view of the guy you get to see Claire get naked and talk dirty to you. She tells you how much she wants you and how she couldn’t wait to fuck you which is just hot as can be. After that you get to see Claire fucking and sucking him in all kinds of different positions. After watching this video I still can’t get over that fact that Naughty America is pretty much giving me access to housewife1on1 and their old second tier for free now that they merged tiers. Take a look at Claire and let us know what you think about her in the comments.

Claire Dames

Videos of Claire Dames here

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Posted By Ally on 06/21/07

Hey everyone. I know that Lucky made a post today, but that was more of an announcement so I am still going to post a hot naked girl for you. :-) I went looking specifically for a hot girl that has never been on Hottie Hangout before. It didn’t take too long to find one either. After a bit of looking around I saw a picture of a hottie on Bustyz and that hottie was Laura Lion. I looked at a few of her pictures and thought she was really hot. In the pictures I didn’t see her as the naughty sex crazed porn girl kind of hot, but rather a really beautiful somewhat conservative hot. Then I looked at a few more pictures and watched the videos. Laura Lion may not look like a sex crazed pornstar, but after you see her in the video that opinion might change. Laura doesn’t seem to have any problem taking of her clothes and showing off her naked body. She also doesn’t have a problem sucking and fucking a guy on camera. That’s pretty much what she does in this scene and I though it was really hot. There is something so sexy about watching a girl like Laura have sex. Since she doesn’t look like the classic pornstar it’s almost like you should never get to see her having sex. I have been making an effort lately to find new hotties to post here and after finding Laura, who I normally might skip over, It got me thinking what other girls have I been passing over. I think I need to spend some time checking out a few scenes of girls that I skipped over and see if I might have missed a good hottie. I guess there could be worse things to do than having to watch a bunch of porn scenes. ;-) Anyway, enjoy the pictures and videos of Laura Lion and if you have some time let us know what you think of her.

Laura Lion

Videos of Laura Lion

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