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Posted By Lucky on 05/31/07

So I think everybody knows about my addiction to hot blonde Milfs with big tits by now. If you don’t know about it go ahead and take a look at some of my past posts. I don’t know why, but every time I see a hot blonde with big tits I have to stop and look for a minute (or longer). When I was looking for a hottie to post today I happened to check out Big Naturals which is a site about, you guessed it, girls with big tits that are real. The latest update was of Carolyn and she looked so hot. I had to at least look at the pictures of her. Well after looking at all the pictures and all the screen captures of the video I figured since I went this far I might as well watch the video. I figured that I would just watch the video and get back to trying to find a different girl to post here on Hottie Hangout. Well, after watching the video there was no way that I couldn’t post this hottie here for everyone else to see. The scene was just too good. It has just about everything I like in a scene. It starts out with Carolyn the hot, blonde, big tittied Milf outside in a bikini. She pours some oil on herself and starts to get naked. She rubs the oil into her tits so they are nice and shiny out in the sun. She also starts to play with her pussy. I could actually watch a whole video of just this, but after a bit she goes inside and that is where the sex starts. She sucks and fucks the hell out of one lucky guy and until she takes a nice cumshot on the tits and face. It’s a hell of a video and Carolyn looks amazing in it. Take a look at the pics and vids to see Carolyn getting naughty. I will try to post a new hottie next time…. If I don’t run across another hot blonde like Carolyn that is.


Videos of Carolyn


Posted By Ally on 05/30/07

Well it didn’t take long for Lucky to post a girl that has already been on Hottie Hangout a bunch of times before (even though she is really hot). Thankfully I found another new girl that has never been posted here before. ;-) Her name is Ashley (sorry no last name) and I found her on Mikes Apartment. I decided to take a look and see what new girls they had on Mikes Apartment because last time I went on there to find a hottie they had quite a few girls that looked pretty good. The first girl that caught my attention was Ashley and that is probably because of her hair. I have said before that I love redheads. I know that Ashley isn’t a natural redhead but I pretty much have the same philosophy about redheads that lucky has about tits; I don’t care if it’s real as long as it looks good. Ashley definitely looks good in this scene. I started off by looking at her pictures and realized that this was a solo scene. Since we haven’t had too many girls just by themselves on Hottie Hangout lately I decided I would post her here today. Ashley needed a place to stay and answered Mikes add in the paper. Instead of paying rent she let him watch her shower and play with herself. She puts on a couple different sexy outfits and plays with her pussy and uses a dildo on herslef. Luckily Mike was kind enough to record the whole thing for us. ;-) Ok so the story may sound like total BS, but Ashley is hot and it’s really hot watching her play with herself. Take a look for yourself.


Video clips of Ashley

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Posted By Lucky on 05/29/07

That’s right, more of Shyla Stylez. I figured since my last post was about a new hottie that hasn’t been on Hottie Hangout before I could post a girl that has been on a bunch of times already. In fact I am pretty sure that Shyla is the most posted hottie on this site. Why is that you ask? Simple, Shyla Stylez is hands down my favorite pornstar right now, and she has been for a while. She has everything that I love about a girl. Shyla has a great body with possibly a perfect set of tits. Having a great body, a perfect set of tits, and just looking hot as hell isn’t enough to make a girl my favorite pornstar though. There are a few girls that look almost as hot as Shyla but aren’t even in my top 3. The one thing besides her looks that makes me like Shyla so much is how she just seems to love to fuck. In every scene I see her in it looks like she is really into it. Having a good attitude and putting some effort into the sex really goes a long way. So since Shyla is my favorite pornstar and I happened to see her on Doctor Adventures while I was looking for a new hottie I had to stop and check out her scene. After checking out all the pictures and the video I can say that Shyla puts on another great scene and looks hot as always. I really don’t like going to the doctor and usually avoid it as much as possible, but if Shyla was my doctor and she fucked me and sucked me like she did to the guy in the scene I would be at her office ever day. Take a look at the pictures and video clips that I posted to see Shyla Stylez being a naughty doctor.

Shyla Stylez

Video clips of Shyla Stylez


Posted By Ally on 05/28/07

Hey everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying a long weekend and doesn’t have to work today. I have the day off and have just been lounging around the house all morning. :-) I found a hot scene to post for today when I was looking at hotties on BabyGotBoobs last night. I was looking for a good video to watch and saw one of their latest updates was of Sammie Rhodes and Bree Olsen. I like both girls and I haven’t seen Sammie Rhodes in a while so I decided to look at a few pictures and see what the scene was all about. I though that there would be a guy in it and it would be a threesome scene because there aren’t too many lesbian scenes on BabyGotBoobs. After looking at some of the pictures I was surprised to see it was just the two girls going at it. I was a little disappointed because I was kind of in the mood for some good old hardcore sex, but it was just Bree and Sammie getting it on with each other. Since I hadn’t seen Sammie in a while I still looked at the rest of the pictures and about halfway thru them I got really interested. The pictures where really hot and these girls where getting pretty naughty. I downloaded the video and watched it right away. I can say that the video was anything but disappointing. Not only do Bree and Sammie both look really hot and sexy they get really naughty too. :-) The girls get naked and lick, finger, and fuck each other in almost every way possible. They even get out a strap on and do some anal. It’s a great scene and I really liked it. Take a look at some of the pictures and videos for yourself and let us know what you think.

Sammie Rhodes and Bree Olsen

Videos of Sammie and Bree getting naughty

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Posted By Lucky on 05/27/07

Ha, I finally did it. I found a hot girl that hasn’t been on Hottie Hangout before. It did take me a while to find her and I did run across a few other hotties I could have posted, but I managed to stay focused and get Harmony up as today’s hottie. Of course you probably noticed that Harmony is a big tit blonde. I still can’t stop posting big tit blonde girls, but I can only work on one problem of mine at a time. I found Harmony on Bustyz and the first thing on the page that caught my attention was a big set of tits. I really am a sucker for big tits. I clicked on the picture and looked at the rest of Harmony’s shots. I thought she looked hot, but not in every picture, so I was a bit reluctant to watch the video. I did it anyway and I am glad I did. Harmony comes across way better on video than she did in the pictures. She gets pretty naughty in this scene and looks pretty damn hot. The best part of the video is when she gets those huge tits of hers covered in oil. There really is nothing like a hot naked blonde girl with big tits covered in oil. You can see Harmony sucking dick and getting fucked in several different positions. If you like big tits you should really check out Bustyz. They have nothing but hot girls with big tits on there. Also, take a look at the pics and vids I posted of Harmony Bliss and let me know what you think of her.

Harmony Bliss

Videos of Harmony Bliss

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Posted By Ally on 05/26/07

I have yet another new hottie for everyone today. That’s two in a row for me. Lucky hasn’t been doing as good, but the scene starring Claire Dames that he posted yesterday was really hot. It was so hot I even watched her video twice. ;-) Anyway, enough about Claire Dames and on to today’s hottie, Holly West. I found Holly on MySistersHotFriend and when I first saw her I though she would be perfect for Hottie Hangout. Holly looks really cute and innocent and has that sort of girl next door look to her. That is how she looks anyway. Once you see the naughty things she is doing in the pictures and videos you won’t think that she is an innocent girl anymore. In the scene Holly and her friend are stripping at night to make a little extra money. When her friend’s brother finds out Holly and her sister are strippers she has to convince him not to tell his parents. If there is one person that can convince a man to do something it’s a stripper. ;-) Holly is very persuasive and starts to show him what she does at work. She starts taking off her clothes and gives him a good look at that hot body of hers. In order to keep him quiet she starts sucking his dick and eventually fucks him like the naughty little girl she is. I love finding new hotties to post here, and it’s even better when they are as sexy as Holly West. Take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted below and let us know what you think about this hot naked girl.

Holly West

Video of Holly West

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Posted By Lucky on 05/25/07

Ok, so we all know that I am horrible at posting new hotties. Thankfully Ally posted one yesterday. I guess that means today I am free to post a hottie that has already appeared on Hottie Hangout before. Even though she isn’t brand new Claire Dames has only been on this site once before. I found her on BigTitsRoundAsses, which is a site I hardly ever talk about anymore. Now don’t think that just because I don’t talk about this site or post a lot of girls from there that it’s not a good site. In fact I really like this site a lot. I also really like big tits and round asses too. When I saw the scene with Claire Dames I thought that she might have been on Hottie Hangout before so I went looking through some past posts and found her here. Pretty much everything Ally said about this girl is spot on. Of course she has a really nice set of big tits and a round ass, but just like Ally I love that sexy face of hers. I read Ally’s post about her before watching the video and expected a good, hot scene and I was not disappointed. Not only does Claire look really sexy she also has a great attitude and seems like she really loves to fuck. In this scene you can see Claire Dames sucking dick and fucking in several different positions. She also shows off every last little bit of her body before the fucking even starts. It’s a hot scene with a really sexy girl and I think you should check it out.

Claire Dames

Videos of Clair Dames

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Posted By Ally on 05/24/07

Hey everyone. I am going to do something that Lucky has been trying to do for a while now. I am posting a hot naked girl that has never been on Hottie Hangout before. ;-) I specifically went looking for a girl that I haven’t seen before to post today. I will admit that I sometimes post the same girls, but I am not even close to being as bad as Lucky. I looked at a few sites until I came across this hottie on BigNaturals. Big Naturals is a great site is you like girls with big real tits. I saw the pictures of Jinny and didn’t recognize her so I looked at the rest of her pictures. After looking at just a couple pics I still didn’t remember ever seeing this girl, and she was really hot too. I new I found a winner so I looked at all of hers pics and watched the video also. This scene has it all. You get to see this hot blonde girl getting dressed up in different sexy outfits and then getting undressed. You also get to see her covering herself with whip cream, in a wet t-shirt, covered in oil and all soaped up in the shower. I think that just about covers every possible way to make a hot girl even hotter. :-) There isn’t any sex in this scene, but you do get to see Jinny play with herself. I thought it was a great scene with a hot new girl and it was exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully you like it too. Take a look at the pics and video clips that I posted below and let us know what you think of this hottie.


Videos clips of Jinny

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Posted By Lucky on 05/23/07

I know that I have been trying to post new hotties on here, but I just can’t do it. When I come a cross one of my favorite pornstars I can’t not watch the scene, and after I watch it I can’t not post it here for everyone else to see. That is what happened when I went looking for a hottie on SexProAdventures. I really like this site and I have spent a good amount of time on there already looking at the pictures and downloading the videos. The site is still pretty new and it amazes me how many girls they have on there already, especially when there are two girls in every scene. When I was looking for today’s hottie on there I saw the update with Danielle Derek’s picture. I might not have recognized her if it wasn’t for her tits. Her hair is no longer blonde and strangely I think she looks better like this. I don’t know if she has gotten bigger tits or if I am just amazed how big they are every time I see her. I am sure not everyone likes her because her tits are obviously fake, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. They are getting a bit ridiculous though. Even if you don’t like her tits you can’t say that she doesn’t have a smoking hot body. Not only is she really hot, but she really knows how to fuck too. Since she knows how to fuck she gets a call from Allison who needs some help. Allison wants to be a pornstar but she doesn’t have a lot of sexual experience. She asks Sex Pro Danielle Derek to teach her how to fuck and suck. Danielle has no problem showing her how to fuck and it is great watching her do it. Fake tits or not I could watch Danielle fuck all day long. Check out the pics and vids and let us know what you think of her.

Danielle Derek and Allison

Videos of the threesome

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Posted By Ally on 05/22/07

Hey everyone. I got an email last night from Lucky asking if I had checked out PornstarsLikeitBig yet. I took a quick glance after he made a post about it, but I haven’t had the time to really see what it was all about. I have so many memberships to porn sites and when they start adding new sites I get a bit overwhelmed. I had a little bit of time last night before I went to sleep and I decided to take a look at the site. I wasn’t really looking for a girl to post here on Hottie Hangout. I was just taking a look at the site and maybe looking for a quick video to watch before bed. I logged on with my BigBoobPass membership and took a look at the different girls they had on the site. For a minute I though I was looking at a collection of Lucky’s posts. ;-) Almost every girl on the site has been on Hottie Hangout at least once. I only had time to watch one video and the picture of Cody Lane looked pretty sexy. I quickly flipped through a couple pictures and decided to grab the video. I was only going to watch a little bit of the video and then go right to sleep. Well, I wound up watching the whole thing and had a great time watching it. ;-) Cody winds up fucking and sucking a guy with a really big dick and she loved every second of it. I knew that I had posted Cody lane once before here, but she was only on once and this scene was hot. I knew after watching the video that I would post her here today. Take a look at the pics and vids of Cody and let us know what you think of her. I’ll let you know my full opinion of PornstarsLikeitBig once I have more time to check out more scenes, but from what I was so far it’s pretty hot.

Cody Lane

Videos of Cody Lane

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