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Posted By Lucky on 04/30/07

A while back I told you that Austin Kincaid has quit porn. Well I knew that the good people over at Naughty America had a couple of scenes of hers that had not been released yet. I posted one of them a while ago and now this is the last one. I was so excited to see a new scene starring one of the hottest porn stars ever. I said in my last post the Shyla Stylez is my favorite pornstar and that still hasn’t changed, but one girl that comes close to being my favorite pornstar is Austin Kincaid, and that is saying a lot since I really have a thing for blondes. There is something just so hot and sexy about Austin Kincaid. I have said before that she is almost too beautiful to be a pornstar. I watched this scene of hers from AmericanDaydreams and Austin was great as always. Austin is having a little party and the scene is about her bartender fantasizing what it would be like to fuck her. You get to see Austin Kincaid fucking and sucking for the last time on camera, or maybe not. I wanted to see more of Austin so bad I went on a hunt for any other scenes of hers and I found one. I don’t have any pictures or videos from it yet, but when I do I will post it here on Hottie Hangout sometime soon. I think this might be a new scene of her too. I started to do some research to see if Austin has returned to the porn biz and it looks like she might have. I don’t want to get your hopes up if you are a fan of hers, but it looks like she might be back. I will know for sure that she is back if she turns up on another Naughty America site because this was supposed to be the last scene they filmed of her that hadn’t been released. I know they want her back and if she is back to doing porn I have a good feeling Naughty America will have her do a few more scenes to make all their members happy. For now check out the pics and vids and stay tuned for more Austin Kincaid here on Hottie Hangout.

Austin Kincaid

Videos of Austin Kincaid

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Posted By Ally on 04/29/07

Hey everyone. I woke up around noon today and I was a little hung over. I had a few of my girlfriends over last night and I drank a little too much. I had fun, but I am paying for it today. Even though I am hung over and just want to lie on the couch all day I still managed to get myself in front of the computer and find you a brand new hot naked girl. Her name is Aubrey Addams and I think this is her first appearance here on Hottie Hangout. I found her on DiaryofaNanny which is Naughty America‘s newest site. I don’t spend too much time on the site, but they do have quite a few hotties on there. Aubrey is a really cute blonde and I think you guys will like her. She doesn’t have big tits, but she has a really hot body and a great ass. In this scene Aubrey is stuck inside the house all day and doesn’t have a chance to meet anyone or get laid. When one of the only guys she know comes home for the summer she doesn’t worry about leaving the house anymore; she just wants to fuck him. Aubrey looks really hot when she is fucking and sucking and she looks like she is really having fun. Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think about Aubrey so I will know if I should look for another scene of hers to post here. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I think I am going to take a nap now. :-)

Aubrey Addams

Videos of Aubrey Addams


Posted By Lucky on 04/28/07

I have an incredible scene for everyone today. It comes from a site that I have never talked about here on Hottie Hangout before, but I have been a member there for a while. The site is BigWetButts and it’s fucking great. If you like hot girls with great asses covered in oil while they get fucked then this is the exact site for you. There is nothing hotter than a really hot girl that has her whole body covered in oil. Well there is one thing and that is the hottie that is in the picture, Shyla Stylez. Shyla has been on Hottie Hangout a whole bunch of times and the reason for that is very simple. Shyla Stylez is hands down my favorite pornstar right now. She is a hot blonde with big tits and to make her even hotter (which I didn’t think was possible) her whole body is oiled up. I love Shyla’s tits and ass and once they are shining like they are in this scene they look even better. I have to warn you though that this isn’t by any means a softcore scene. Shyla starts off by talking dirty and playing with herself. She gets naked and oils up her body before she really shows it off. One of the hottest things I have seen in my life is that part of this scene where Shyla is shaking her oiled up ass. It is hypnotizing. After that Shyla starts sucking dick and the rest of the scene pretty much involves Shyla doing anal. It is incredibly hot and definitely not to be missed if you are a fan of Shyla’s. Take a look at the pictures and videos and if you have some time check out BigWetButts to see more oiled up hotties.

Shyla Stylez

Videos of Shyla Stylez

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Posted By Ally on 04/27/07

It’s finally Friday! :-) Now that the week is over I can relax a bit. I have a few things to do around the house, and after seeing this scene I want to have my house painted, or at least have the girls from this scene over to my house. As you know I really like a good lesbian scene and I have another really good one for you today. It involves three hot girls getting naked and naughty with each other. I found the scene over at my favorite place to find hot lesbians, WeLiveTogether. The three girls start out by paint a wall and they get a little messy. They get paint all over themselves, but luckily they aren’t wearing much clothing. They start to take off what little they are wearing, but I don’t think they were doing it to save their clothes from getting dirtier. I think they took their clothes off so they could get dirty with each other. It doesn’t take long for the girls to get completely naked and start licking and fingering each other. They eventually get out some toys including a strap on and really start to fuck one another. It’s another hot scene, but just about every scene from WeLiveTogether is really hot. Take a look at the pictures and videos of the hotties and let us know what you think about it in the comment section. Enjoy the girls and have a great weekend. :-)

Hot lesbian girls

Videos of the girls

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Posted By Lucky on 04/26/07

That’s right I picked out a hot blonde Milf for today’s hottie. I know that’s no big surprise. What can I say though, I am addicted. I can post other hot girls for a little bit, but I eventually go back to what I really love, hot blonde Milfs. I like regular hot blondes too, but I really love the Milfs. They just know what to do and how to fuck. That is why I love Kristal Summers so much. She is not only really hot, but she knows what she is doing and she does it well. I have always liked Kristal Summers, but I think she took some time off from porn. When she came back I was so excited. Just recently I have been a little obsessed with her. I have been collecting every scene of hers that I can find, so when I found this scene of hers on BigTitsatSchool I had to see it right away. I looked at the pictures and Kristal looks as hot as ever. I didn’t even make it all the way through the pictures before I started to download the video. In the scene Kristal plays a teacher that caught one of her students cheating. I know it’s a sort of played out scenario, but I could care less. I just want to see Kristal Summers fuck and suck. That’s exactly what she winds up doing too. She starts out getting her pussy licked and then she sucks his dick and fucks the hell out of him like only a Milf can. It is scenes like this that make me love Kristal so much. Take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted and let me now what you think about Kristal Summers.

Kristal Summers

Videos of Kristal Summers


Posted By Ally on 04/25/07

Hey everyone. I have another hot scene starring the sexy Amy Reid. :-) Sometimes I see her last name spelled Ried, but this time it is spelled Reid. I don’t know which the correct spelling is and I won’t get into how annoying it is for such a hot pornstar to not have a definite spelling of her name because I could rant about that for hours. For now I will just refer to her as Amy Reid since that is how it is spelled on BabyGotBoobs, which is where this scene is from. I could also refer to her as one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen too. Amy really is a sexy girl. She has a very cute and sexy face and a body that is almost perfect. She has perfect tits, and an amazing ass. It’s been a while since I have seen her in a scene and I had thought that she might have quit porn. Thankfully I was looking for some new hotties to post for you guys and saw her as the latest update on BabyGotBoobs. I first saw her getting naked on top of the chair that looks like a shoe. I saw that she still looked great and then I saw the chair. I really want a chair that is shaped like a big shoe (what girl wouldn’t) but I won’t talk about my love of shoes since I know you are just here for the hot naked girls. ;-) Anyway, Amy looks amazing in this scene and she looks even better once she is fully naked. After all her clothes come off and she shows off that sexy body of hers you also get to see her sucking dick and getting fucked. If you like Amy Reid, and I don’t know how you couldn’t, you should really take a look at the pictures and videos of her that I posted below. Have a great day and enjoy the pics and vids.

Amy Reid

Videos of Amy Reid

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Posted By Lucky on 04/24/07

The hottie that I have for you today is Brooke Banner. Brooke is a hot blonde and she has been posted here on Hottie Hangout a couple of times already. I found this scene of her over at NeighborAffair and I really liked it. I know that I normally post a naked or topless picture of the girl, but I thought that this shot of Brooke was really hot. Don’t get me wrong, Brooke looks great naked, but I thought that she looked pretty damn sexy in this black bra. I checked out the pictures of this scene first and they were just ok. Honestly they are not the best pictures, but they still give you a good idea of how hot Brooke is. The pictures that Naughty America includes with their scenes have been getting better lately, but they were a bit off this time. Where Naughty America really shines is in their videos. They just upped the quality of their videos too so now you can see these hot naked girls in crystal clear quality. I watched this scene in the DVD quality video and I really liked it. It starts off a bit wacky when Brooke’s crazy neighbor comes over to take her to the beach on a cloudy day. Brooke tells him he is crazy and that she knows that he just wants to fuck her. She tells him she will fuck him right now if he just stops annoying her. Of course he agrees and then you get to see Brooke fuck and suck the hell out of him. There are a few funny comments from the neighbor throughout the scene, but they really didn’t take away from the sex. If you haven’t seen Brooke Before this is a pretty good scene of hers to check out, just don’t look at the pictures and not the video.

Brooke Banner

Videos of Brooke Banner


Posted By Ally on 04/23/07

I hope everyone is having a good day today. I had the day off from work so my day is going great. :-) Since I didn’t have to work today I though I would have some time to check out more of the hottie that I posted last, Nicole Graves. Well I started to look at some more pictures and videos of her, and then I got an email from Lucky telling me to check out another new site. The site is Anette Dawn and it is also by the same people that run Twistys. Based on the fact that Lucky said to look at it and since it was from the people at Twistys I stopped looking at Nicole and decided to check out Anette Dawn’s site. Anette has been on Hottie Hangout a couple of times too so I already knew what she looked like. From what I have seen so far her site looks like another winner. :-) Anette is a gorgeous girl. She is so hot that she could be a mainstream model and never have to take her clothes off. Thankfully she does and she lets us see it all. I have been looking at her pictures and watching some videos and I have been amazed how sexy she is. She has perfect tits and a really hot body. Her face is absolutely gorgeous too and I could stare at her all day long. I posted some pictures and a few video clips so you can check her out. In the pictures you get to see this hot girl get naked and play with herself. The quality of the pictures are great too. In the video you can see Anette in another outfit getting naked ad playing with her pussy. Take a look at the pictures, videos and her site and let us know what you think.

Anette Dawn

Videos of Anette Dawn

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Posted By Lucky on 04/22/07

I was looking at the recent hotties that have been posted here on Hottie Hangout and realized that Carmella Bing hasn’t been on in a while. I went looking for a scene of hers and found one at BabyGotBoobs. It’s a great scene too. Some people seem to like a story or some sort of setup in a porn scene, but I could usually care less about it. I just want to see a hot naked girl getting fucked. This scene here is a great example of what makes a porn scene hot. You take one hot girl, get her naked, put her in a pool or hot tub, let her suck dick and get her pussy licked for a bit and then have her fuck like crazy. That is pretty much what happens here. You don’t need some elaborate setup or a set to make good porn you just need hot girls that like to fuck. Carmella Bing is certainly a hot girl and she seems like she really likes to fuck. It’s that easy and simple. Sure sometimes if there is a really good setup and the fantasy is good it might add to the scene, but most of the time it doesn’t really matter. One of my favorite locations for a porn scene is outside. It is even better if there is a pool or some sort of water. If you can look at Carmella fully naked floating in the water while she gets her pussy licked and honestly tell me that she doesn’t look hot I would have to call you crazy. Anyway take a look at the pictures and videos to see Carmella Bing fucking and sucking in a great scene.

Carmella Bing

Videos of Carmella Bing

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Posted By Ally on 04/21/07

Hey everyone. I have one of the hottest girl’s to ever appear on Hottie Hangout for you today. A few Months ago Nicole Graves was the featured hottie on here and everyone loved her. Well I just found out that she has got together with the same people who run Twistys and decided to open her own site. Now if you have ever been a member of Twistys you know that they have some of the best pictures and videos online. The quality of everything they do is great, and they are the kings of hot naked girls. If you have ever seen Nicole Graves you know that she is one of the hottest girls alive. Now imagine if you combine Twistys and Nicole Graves. :-) When Nicole was the featured hotties the pictures and videos of her were from Twistys and everyone loved them. Now there is a whole site about Nicole with pics and vids as good as those. On her site you can see her getting naked all by herself, or you can see her getting naked and naughty with both guys and girls. After I heard about her site (from Lucky) I had to join to see what it was all about. I haven’t looked at everything on there yet, but from what I have seen it is great. I picked out a few pictures and some videos clips for you to take a look at. In the pictures Nicole is in a heart shaped bathtub and she is completely naked. She looks so hot and she looks even hotter once she starts to play with her pussy. :-) In the video clips Nicole is giving this guy a blowjob and then she is fucking him. She mentions something about a contest on her site that involves her giving a blowjob to a fan too, so you know that Nicole is a really naughty girl. Take a look at the pictures, the video clips, and her site. If you have a minute let us know what you think about Nicole and her site in the comments.

Nicole Graves

Naughty videos of Nicole Graves

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