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Posted By Lucky on 03/31/07

This post may seem a bit strange coming from me. The girl in it is not blonde, she is not a Milf, and she doesn’t have really big tits. When I was looking for a hottie to post I was actually looking for a girl that fit that exact description. While I was looking I wound up on FirstTimeAuditions and saw the picture of Steffi. Now I know she does not fit the description of the kind of girl I was searching for, but she was hot. I looked at her pictures and there was something about this girl that was really sexy. She is really cute, has a great smile, and a really hot body. Even though she is not the typical kind of girl I like I thought she was exceptionally hot. She doesn’t have really big tits, but her tits are really nice. She also has a great ass that kept me starring at it for quite some time. After looking at the pictures I watched the video of her. Steffi may be on a site called First Time Auditions, but this is definitely not her first time fucking. It may be her first time fucking on camera, but she has certainly fucked before. When it came to fucking and sucking she really knew what she was doing. It amazes me sometimes that the girls that look all cute and innocent can sometimes be the naughtiest girls. Take a look at the pictures and videos to see what I mean. Steffi looks hot in this scene and I might just have to see if I can find another scene or two of hers. If you have a minute leave a comment so I know if everyone else likes this girl too.

Hottie Steffi

Videos of Steffi

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Posted By Ally on 03/30/07

It’s been a little while since Kylee King has been on Hottie Hangout. I was looking for hotties last night and saw a new scene of hers on MySistersHotFriend. I decided since I haven’t seen her in a while I would check out her pictures and videos. The first thing I noticed about Kylee is that she has some new tattoos. They are a little weird, but they do make her look naughtier. I looked through the pictures first and Kylee still looks hot. I also noticed that in almost every picture I saw of her she was smiling. That is a huge plus for me. I hate looking at the pictures and seeing the fake smile or shots where the girl looks bored. Kylee really looked like she was having fun so I checked out the video. I could see by the video that she was having fun. She was sucking dick and getting fucked and she seemed to love every minute of it. Apparently in the scene her boyfriend just dumped her (what was he thinking). Instead of getting all depressed about it she winds up sleeping with her best friends brother. It’s a hot scene that reminded me to keep my eye out for more scenes of Kylee’s. Maybe I’ll look for some more of her this weekend. Take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted and let me know what you think of her. Have a great weekend. :-)

Kylee King

Videos of Kylee King

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Posted By Lucky on 03/29/07

What could possibly be better than a hot naked girl? How about two hot naked girls? What is even better than that is if both of those girls are hot blondes with big tits. This is my roundabout way of saying I have two really hot blondes for you today. They are Carly Parker and Tiffany Price and this scene comes from BabyGotBoobs. Both of these girls have been on Hottie Hangout before. They are great when they are by themselves, but when you put them together you really get a great scene. I really like to watch two girls fuck each other, but I also like to watch a girl getting fucked by a guy too. This scene has both of those things. It starts off with Tiffany and Carly undressing each other. Once they are naked they start to fool around a bit, and before you know it you have a full blown lesbian sex scene. The girls lick and finger each other for a while and get really worked up. After that a guy comes into the room and you get to see these two gorgeous girls share a dick. They still pay plenty of attention to each other once the guy shows up which makes the scene even hotter. The three of them fuck in all kinds of different positions. There is always someone fucking, sucking, and licking someone else. If you like hot naked blondes with big tits, or lesbian sex, or a crazy threeway scenes then you should check out the pictures and videos that I posted below. Seeing both of these girls in a threesome is something not to be missed.

Carly Parker and Tiffany Price

Videos of Carly and Tiffany

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Posted By Ally on 03/28/07

A little over a week ago I found a really hot girl that I just love. The only name I had for her was Rachel. Obviously that doesn’t help me in finding more of her. I was looking for a hottie to post today, and wound up on AmericanDaydreams. I looked at one of their recent updates and though the girl looked really familiar. After I saw that her name was Rachel I put two and two together and realized that this was the girl I had been searching for. :-) Actually what really made me realize that it was her was the tattoo. I am not a big fan of tattoos on girls, but sometimes they make a girl look sexier. That is the case with Rachel. By the way the people at Naughty America were nice enough to include her full name which is Rachel Starr. I was so excited that I found Rachel, but after I clamed down I started to look at the pictures of her. The pictures of Rachel are just amazing. This girl was born to be in front of a camera, and she was also born with one of the nicest asses I have ever seen. Her face, body, and tits are all great but I just can’t get past that ass of hers. As good as the pictures are the video is twice as good. In this scene Rachel bends over a pool table so this guy can lick her pussy and ass. It might just be the best part of the scene. ;-) After that he starts fucking the hell out of Rachel. Rachel sucks his dick for a while and then they continue to fuck some more. It is such a hot scene that you really have to see it for yourself. Now that I know Rachel Starr’s full name I will definitely be trying to find more of her. Take a look at the pics and videos and let us know what you think of this hottie.

Rachel Starr

Videos of Rachel Starr

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Posted By Lucky on 03/27/07

I know that I have said before that I don’t really care about the theme of a site. I have also said that I don’t particularly care about costumes either. What I do want is a hot girl getting naked and getting naughty. Well BigTitsatSchool is slowly changing my mind on that. Not the hot naked girl part, just the costume and theme part. Ever since I saw Nikki Benz in a schoolgirl outfit I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind. I went back to BigTitsatSchool to look at the pictures of her again and that is where I found this new scene starring Eva Angelina. If you look through some of the old post here on Hottie Hangout you will notice that Eva has been on here a lot. That is because she is fucking hot. When I saw her in this little schoolgirl outfit I was blown away. She looked so hot and the outfit definitely added to her hotness. I have always liked it when Eva wears glasses throughout the scene. They make her look sexier and naughtier. The schoolgirl outfit kind of does the same thing, and when you combine both you get an extremely hot and naughty Eva Angelina. Eva is so naughty that you get to see her fucking and sucking her teacher right in the classroom. If you have never seen Eva Angelina before then you really need to check out these pictures and videos of her. If you have seen her before you are probably already looking at them. When you are done looking at the pics and vids take a look at BigTitsatSchool. In my opinion it is one of the best paysites around.

Eva Angelina

Videos of Eva Angelina


Posted By Ally on 03/26/07

Hey everyone. I have a really hot girl for you today. :-) When I say really hot I’m not joking. This girl was on Hottie Hangout once before. Lucky posted her a while back and as soon as I saw that post of her I tried to find more of this girl. Of course she has just a short one word name. If you have read some of my other post you will know that the short one word name for a pornstar is one of my major pet peeves. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find more of her. Yesterday I was looking for a good video to watch. I wanted something really naughty so I went to check out CumFiesta. That is where I found Ashlynn. She is their latest update and I was so excited when I saw her. I checked out the pictures and they looked great. I downloaded the video and watched the whole thing. This girl is just so cute and innocent that it amazes me that she gets so naughty. In the video you can see her sucking dick, getting her pussy licked, getting fucked in a bunch of different positions, and finally taking a big facial. The video was so good that after I was done watching it I actually made another attempt to find more of her. If you ever try to Google the name Ashlynn you won’t get much. Since searching for her that way got me nothing I decided to scour all of the sites that I am a member of to see if I could find her. I didn’t come up with anything yet, but I am not done looking. For now take a look at the pics and vids of her that I posted. I will be trying to find more of this girl and if I do I will post her again. If anyone knows where I could find her please send me a message through the comment form or just leave a comment in this post. Thanks. :-)


Videos of Ashlynn


Posted By Lucky on 03/25/07

I figured that since in my last post I mentioned that there were two or three scenes that I liked from Naughty America’s newest site Diary of a Nanny I would show you my favorite scene today. It stars Eve Laurence and she plays a naughty nanny. It took me a bit to get used to Eve’s new look, but I am really starting to like her as a blonde. She also doesn’t seem as skinny as the last time I saw her, which I also happen to like. Eve looks hot in this scene and of course she can still put on a great performance. There are few girls that can fuck with the same enthusiasm as Eve Laurence. In the scene Eve tells her boss that she thinks he is hot and his wife is a bitch. She thinks it would be a lot of fun if they fucked. There is no way that he is turning down an offer like that. I can’t blame him either I would jump on the chance to fuck Eve without even thinking about it for a second. Eve does all the things that his wife won’t do. She sucks his dick, fucks him anyway he wants, and even lets him put it in her ass. Now that is a Naughty girl right there. I love watching Eve fuck and it’s great to see her get this naughty. After watching the video from this scene I think that DiaryofaNanny has some serious potential. If they get a few more scenes like this one up on their site I will be checking it on a regular basis. Take a look at the pictures and videos that I posted and let us know what you think about Eve Laurence’s new look, this scene, the new site, or what ever you want.

Eve Laurence

Videos of Eve Laurence

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Posted By Ally on 03/24/07

Hey everyone. It may be the weekend, but I am still thinking about work. Well, I’m not really thinking about my work. What I am thinking about is this scene from BigTitsatWork. I was looking for a hottie to post for today and found this scene starring Carmella Bing on BigTitsatWork. I love watching people fuck in an office and I love to watch Carmella Bing fuck so I though this would be a perfect scene for me to watch. :-) I started off by looking at the pictures as usual. Every time I see Carmella I can’t believe how big her tits are. I guess that is why she is on a site dedicated to hotties with big tits. Carmella looked hot as always in the pictures, but what I really wanted to see was the video. It’s nice to look at Carmella, but it’s even better to see her in Acton. In this scene she is working late and she has her date meet her at her office. Carmella starts talking about how she doesn’t like her boss. That is when her date offers her a job working for him. Carmella loves he idea and shows her gratitude by walking over to him and putting those big tits of hers right in his face. She pretty much gives him a lap dance before she pulls out his dick and starts to suck it. Next thing you know Carmella is laying on her desk getting her pussy licked. After that these two are fucking like crazy all over her office. Any scene with Carmella Bing is hot, but this one was especially great for me because of the office setting. I really liked it and I hope you do too. :-) Take a look at the pics and vids and let us know what you think.

Carmella Bing

Videos of Carmella Bing


Posted By Lucky on 03/23/07

I have another new site to talk about today. The name of it is Diary of a Nanny. DiaryofaNanny is Naughty America‚Äôs newest site and it has actually been out for a couple weeks now. I know I usually make a whole separate post when they launch a new site, but this time I didn’t. The reason is at first I was not too impressed with it. Don’t get me wrong I am very thankful that they added yet another site to there amazing line up and didn’t charge me anything extra. When I went to check it out when it first launched I didn’t see too many girls that I liked. I didn’t want to make a separate post about the site when I didn’t think it was that great. Most of the girls seem to be in the 18-23 age range. You should know from my other posts that I like girls that are a bit older than that. I can still appreciate this age range, but the girls have to really be something special. I went back to DiaryofaNanny today to see what new girls they updated with and found two or three that I do like. The one that I picked out for today is Cassie Young. Cassie has been posted here on Hottie Hangout once before and I think she is a real hottie. Not only is she hot but she really seems to enjoy herself in her scenes and she likes to get really naughty. In this scene you get to see her fucking and sucking with a big smile on her face. It’s a hot scene and it’s worth checking out. The good people over at Naughty America also added more video choices in their members area. You can now watch even higher quality videos if you are a member there. In my opinion the videos are of the highest quality out of all the sites that I visit regularly. Even though I don’t like all the girls on this new site it could get a lot better and might just be exactly what someone else is looking for. Check out Cassie and Diary of a Nanny and let us know what you think about both of them in the comments. I would love to hear some other opinions on this site.

Cassie Young

Videos of Cassie Young

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Posted By Ally on 03/22/07

I never really get tired of watching two hot girls get naked and have sex with each other. I think I could spend all day watching lesbian porn. Actually there have been a few days where I have. ;-) I was looking around for a good video to watch and decided to see what new hotties they have on WeLiveTogether. Of course they have updated with a couple new scenes and I couldn’t decide which one to watch. The first one I picked was this scene here. I saw both of the girls in the picture and though it might be pretty good. Once I looked at the rest of the pictures from this scene I knew that I had to download the video and watch it. Both of the girls are extremely hot. The blonde has a great set of tits and both of them have unbelievable asses. In the video you get to see both of these girls get pretty naughty. They start out by taking off their clothes and fooling around. After they get pretty worked up they start to lick and finger each other. Once they are really hot for each other they get out the toys. You can see them fuck one another with dildos and they even get out the double sided dildo that they share. It’s a hot scene and if you like lesbians there is no reason that you shouldn’t watch the video clips and look at the pictures that I posted below. Have fun checking out the hotties and have a great day. :-)

Hot lesbian girls

Videos of these girls

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