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Posted By Ally on 01/31/07

While Lucky has been looking at hot Milfs non stop, I have been on a hot lesbian kick lately. It seems that I have been spending a lot of time on WeLiveTogether. I have found that this site is one of the best sites for hot lesbian sex around right now. In fact it has been the only site that I go to for lesbian porn lately. I figured since I have been spending so much time looking at hot lesbians that I should probably post some more pictures and videos of them. ;-) This scene here is of course from WeLiveTogether and it features three really hot girls getting naked and naughty with each other. The two blondes pick up the third girl and take her back to their place. Once inside the naughtiness starts. They all get naked and start to lick and finger each other. After that little warm up they break out the toys. They have regular dildos and vibrators along with strap-ons and my favorite the double headed dildo. They spend a good amount of time using these toys on one another until they all get off. There are few things hotter than watching two girls on all fours sharing a double sided dildo especially when one of them is licking another girl’s pussy. :-) Take a peek at the last video clip to see what I am talking about. Anyway, enjoy the pictures and videos and as always let us know what you think of these hotties.

Hot lesbian girls

Videos of these girls here

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Posted By Lucky on 01/30/07

Ok, this is getting a bit ridiculous. I think I might be addicted to hot blonde Milfs. It seems like every porn scene that I watch lately has been of a blonde Milf. I guess there could be worse things that I could be addicted to. I was looking for a hottie to post today and not surprisingly my first site to check was DiaryofaMilf. That is where I found these pictures and videos of Angel Cassidy. The last time that Angel was on Hottie Hangout she was having a threesome with Cody Milo. I went back to check out that scene and I think that Cody sort of stole the show that time. In this scene Angel is the only girl and she really puts on a great performance. I think that she looks even hotter in this scene too. Angel has a nice set of big tits and nice ass to go along with them. She is old enough to be a Milf, but still young enough to be a really hot pornstar. In this scene she doesn’t want her husband to go to Vegas. She would rather him stay home and have sex with her. She tells him that if he wants her to take him to the airport he has to take care of her first. Angel gets naked and starts to give him a blowjob. After that her husband isn’t thinking about Vegas anymore. He fucks her good enough to hold her over for a few days and she seems more than satisfied. Check out the pictures and videos to see Angel Cassidy getting fucked and being a naughty Milf.

Angel Cassidy

Videos of Angel Cassidy here

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Posted By Ally on 01/29/07

I hope everyone had a long and relaxing weekend. I did but it was back to work today. The best part of my day was coming home from work and going through these pictures and videos to make sure they were good enough to post. After thoroughly checking them I decided they were up to my standards. ;-) Diana Prince has never been on Hottie Hangout before and this is my first time seeing her. I have to say that she is a real hottie and I really like this scene. The pictures and videos come from NeighborAffair and Diana isn’t the naughty one in this scene, but she does get naughty. Her neighbor tells her that his fiancé dumped him and he is all depressed. Even though Diana is married she still offers to cheer him up. Her idea of cheering him up is to suck his dick and then fuck him like crazy. What Diana didn’t know was that her neighbor didn’t get dumped, and in fact he was never even engaged. He just wanted to have sex with a hot girl like Diana. It’s a naughty story line to go along with the hot sex in this scene. In the pictures and videos that I posted below you get to see Diana Prince completely naked and having a little fun with the neighbor. I hope you like them. :-)

Diana Prince

Videos of Diana Prince here

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Posted By Lucky on 01/28/07

If you look at my last few posts you will probably realize that I have been looking at a lot of hot blonde Milfs lately. That also means I have been spending a lot of time on sites like MommyGotBoobs. I was on there yesterday and came across this scene that stars Davia Ardell. I don’t think that Davia has ever been on Hottie Hangout before and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I haven’t posted her sooner. Davia is a hot blonde Milf with big tits, so I thought for sure that I would have already put some pictures and videos of her up. Since this is Davia’s first appearance it’s probably a good thing that I am posting this particular scene. In my opinion this is one of Davia’s best performances and she gets pretty naughty in it. In the pictures and videos you can see Davia playing with pussy and using a vibrator on herself. After that you get to see this hottie suck dick and get fucked. The sex is very hot and Davia look like she is having a great time in this scene. Check out the pictures and videos of Davia Ardell. If you haven’t seen her already you should really take a look, and if you have seen her before I am sure you are already looking at the pics and vids.

Davia Ardell

Videos of Davia Ardell here

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Posted By Ally on 01/27/07

Hey everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend. I spent the morning looking for some more hot naked girls to post and found a few good ones. :-) The one I picked out for today is a hot little blonde that goes by the name of Jana. I couldn’t find any other names that she goes by unfortunately. It really bugs me when I find a hot girl that I want to see more of and she only has a common one word name. It just makes it harder to find more pictures or videos of her. She was hot enough for me to get past the name thing though. I found her over at RealOrgasms so you can probably guess what she does in this scene. Actually you don’t have to guess because I’m going to tell you anyway. ;-) You get to see Jana get naked and tease you for a little. When she gets both you and herself worked up enough she starts to get naughty. You can watch her rubbing her pussy and fingering herself, and after that you get to see Jana fucking herself with a pretty big glass dildo. She doesn’t stop fucking herself until he has an orgasm either. If you like watching a hot girl get herself off then you should really like this scene. Take a look at the pictures and videos and let us know what you think.


Videos of Jana here

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Posted By Lucky on 01/26/07

If you don’t know who Amber Lynn is then you must not have been watching much porn. Amber Lynn is a classic pornstar that has been having sex on camera since 1983. She has starred in over 325 adult films and she still looks great. A lot of pornstars make a bunch of films and then slowly fade away but not Amber. Since Amber is still in the biz you know that she must like what she does. When I saw her show up on SeducedbyaCougar I was pretty surprised. Naughty America has been getting some pretty famous pornstars lately but I was still surprised to see Amber Lynn on there. Not only does she still look great but she can still fuck like an animal. That’s probably why she is on a site called Seduced by a Cougar. A cougar is a hot Milf that likes to fuck younger guys and that is exactly what Amber does in this scene. She gets her fiancés nephew all alone and tells him that his uncle isn’t satisfying her like she wants to be. She knows that he can give her what she wants and she refuses to take no for an answer. She just starts taking his pants off and then she starts sucking his dick. After she makes it clear that she is going to get what she wants he finally gives in and starts fucking her. Amber gives another great performance and the sex was really hot. After watching this scene it’s pretty clear that Amber can stay in porn for several more years if she wants. Let’s hope she does.

Amber Lynn

Videos of Amber Lynn here

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Posted By Ally on 01/25/07

Have you ever fantasized about being married to a hot girl like Audrey Bitoni? Have you ever dreamt of being rich and having a huge house to come home to with a hottie like Audrey waiting for you? Well keep dreaming because it probably isn’t going to happen, but you can live this fantasy for a few minutes thanks to this scene from Housewife1on1. :-) In my opinion this is by far Audrey Bitoni’s best scene yet. She looks absolutely amazing in it and she gets the naughtiest I have ever seen her get. The video is shot in sort of a first person view so it’s like Audrey is talking to you directly. It starts off with (you) walking in the front door of your mansion and being greeted by your lonely and horny wife Audrey. She tells you how much that she missed you and how bad she wants you. Audrey lies on the couch and starts to get naked. Once all of her clothes are off she starts to rub her pussy and finger herself while she tells you how bad she wants you. Finally she gets what she wants and starts to suck some dick. Then she goes back and forth between sucking dick and fucking for a while. The video ends with Audrey getting tit fucked and taking a big facial. After that she even sucks dick for a little bit longer. If you like Audrey Bitoni you absolutely have to see this video from Housewife1on1. I really think it’s the best she has done so far. :-) Take a look at the pictures and video clips from this scene that I posted below, and let us know what you think of this hot girl.

Audrey Bitoni

Videos of Audrey Bitoni here

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Posted By Lucky on 01/24/07

I never seem to get tired of hot blondes with big tits. I just can’t seem to get enough of them. It’s a good thing I have a membership to sites like MommyGotBoobs so I can always get my fix. Today’s hottie is another big tit blonde named Emilianna. Emilianna has been on Hottie Hangout twice already and if she keeps fucking on camera she will probably be on here several more times. I have seen her classified as a Milf on several different sites now. I think she might just squeak into that category, but she is definitely not an old Milf. What she could be classified as is a hot girl that likes to fuck. In this scene from MommyGotBoobs you can see her get naked and naughty. There are some really hot pictures of her slowly stripping off her clothes and getting naked. Once she is naked you get to see her sucking dick, getting her pussy licked, and finally fucking like a pornstar. It’s scenes like this that make me post Emilianna several times. Well that and the fact that she is a hot blonde with big tits. Check out the pictures and videos and let us know what you think of this hottie.


Videos of Emilianna here

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Posted By Ally on 01/23/07

Hey everyone. I have a very sexy girl for you today. Her name is Celest and I found her over at RealOrgasms. I don’t think I have ever seen Celest before and I think I would have remembered if I did. She has a very sexy face and a really hot body too. Her tits aren’t big, but they are perfectly perky. It’s getting pretty hard to find hot pornstars with natural tits lately so it’s kind of nice to see a girl like Celest for a change. She also has a really nice ass that I can stop looking at. ;-) In the pictures and videos that I posted you get to see this hot girl get fully naked and have a little fun all by herself. As much as I love to watch a guy and girl fuck I can also appreciate a hot girl fucking herself. Once Celest is naked you can see her rubbing her pussy and fingering herself. That isn’t all she does though. You also get to see her fuck herself with a dildo and she doesn’t stop until she has an orgasm. I think that is one of the best things about watching a girl all by herself. You actually get to see her get off instead of fucking some guy and faking it. When a girl is all alone she doesn’t have to fake anything and she gets to have a real orgasm. ;-) Take a look for yourself and see Celest get off.

Hot girl Celest

Videos of Celest here

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Posted By Lucky on 01/22/07

Donna Doll’s first appearance on Hottie Hangout was less than a month ago and ever since then I have been meaning to post more of this hot Milf. If you don’t like fake tits then Donna Doll is not for you. If you happen to love big tits on a hot blonde that loves to fuck then you hit the jackpot with this hottie. The last time I posted Donna it was from a BigBoobPass site and so is today’s. I finally got around to watching this video from MommyGotBoobs and it was definitely worthy enough to be posted here. In the pictures and videos you can see Donna Doll and her big tits getting naked and naughty. She starts off by slowly stripping out of some sexy lingerie. Before she is even naked you can see that her tits are huge. Once she pops those tits out of her top and get the rest of her clothes off you can watch her play with herself for a bit. After that she starts sucking dick like a total pro. That is followed by her fucking the hell out of this lucky guy. The scene ends with Donna begging for some cum and that is exactly what she gets. It’s a very hot scene and if you like hot blonde pornstars with big tits you should really see this scene.

Donna Doll

Videos of Donna Doll here


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