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Posted By Lucky on 07/31/06

I have said before that Housewife1on1 is my favorite site and it’s scenes like this that keep it number one. The girl in the picture is named Cherokee and if you haven’t seen her before you are really missing out. Cherokee is a hot girl that has been a pornstar for a while now. She is rather short and has nice tits and one of the best asses I have ever seen. She has the most perfect bubble but and knows how to use it. In this scene Cherokee comes home from work to find her husband jerking off to a porno magazine. Well fuck that. This is her husband he isn’t going to jerk off while she works. So she tells him that every time his dick gets hard she wants it. Now that is one girl that is marriage material. She starts sucking him off and gets naked. She jumps on top of him and rides him for a bit. The best pat of the scene is watching Cherokee get fucked doggystyle. Her bubbly ass is just mesmerizing. Check out the pictures and videos and leave a comment on this hot naked girl if you have some time.


Videos of Cherokee here

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Posted By Ally on 07/30/06

Hey everyone. Sorry about the late post, but I had to work this weekend. :-( The good news is that I have three hot naked lesbians for you today. :-) All three of these girls are hot little blondes that like to get naughty. They start out having a little fun and getting topless out on the boat. When they come back in they decide to rinse off all the salt water on them, which leads to these three hotties soaping each others naked bodies down. After that they head inside for some full on girl on girl sex. They use fingers, tongues and toys to get each other off and look so sexy while they are doing it. Have fun looking at the pictures and videos and if you want to see more hot lesbians check out WeLiveTogether.

Hot naked lesbians

Videos of the girls here


Posted By Lucky on 07/29/06

If you don’t know who Danielle Derek is by now then you obviously haven’t spent much time looking at all the hot girls here on Hottie Hangout. This is the fifth time that I have posted pictures and videos of her. These particular ones are from DiaryofaMilf. I have to take a look but she just might be my most posted hottie. This is for good reason too. I have received some really good comments and emails from people wanting to see more of her. It also helps that I am a sucker for hot blonde girls with big tits, and Danielle Derek is exactly that. In this scene she is working out in the gym and looks amazing. Those little workout pants she is wearing look incredibly sexy and of course her big tits are popping out of her top. Of course Danielle Derek is hot and looks great naked, but she also loves to fuck, and once again it really shows in this scene. Check out the pics and vids and if you are a member of DiaryofaMilf go watch the full video.

Danielle Derek

Hot videos of Danielle Derek here


Posted By Ally on 07/28/06

Hey everyone. Today’s hottie is Alana Evans and these naked pictures and naughty videos of her are from Housewife1on1. I have always liked Alana Evans and thought she was hot. Alana started in porn eight years ago and she has gotten better and naughtier each year. When I saw the picture of Alana on Housewife1on1 I immediately downloaded her video and watched it. I have to say that Alana still has it. She looks great and fucks even better. I guess that since she is on a site that calls her a housewife she might be considered a Milf, but whatever she is called she is still one hot girl. Have fun looking at the picks and watching the videos. :-)

Alana Evans

Videos of Alana Evans here


Posted By Lucky on 07/27/06

It’s time for another wild party from VipCrew. I can’t say enough good things about this site. If you like seeing hot naked girls partying and fucking than this is the perfect site. This particular party is a circus party. That’s what they call it anyway. It’s pretty much a party with a bunch of wild hotties running around topless and naked. In fact the only thing that makes it a circus party is some guy in a clown suit checking out all the girls. The only theme these parties need is hot naked girls that like to get crazy and fuck, which seems to be every party they have thrown so far. This party includes three hot sex scenes. The last sex scene stars Rita Faltoyano, who is a really hot pornstar. Check out the pictures from this party and when I get some videos I’ll post them. For now if you want to see some video check out the trailer on their site.

Hottie Party


Posted By Ally on 07/26/06

The hottie that I have for you today is a fiery hot redhead. Her name is Shannon Kelly and I remember seeing her in a scene not too long ago that was really hot. In this particular scene she plays a teacher that is having a problem with one of her students. You can be sure that she works this problem out with him in a way that is beneficial to her. ;-) The thing that I really like about Shannon Kelly is that she looks like she could really take control while she is fucking, which she does. Shannon could be very demanding while she is fucking, but she also likes to be a little submissive. This scene takes place right in a classroom and Shannon looks incredibly hot, especially when she gets naked. I hope you guys like these pictures and videos for MyFirstSexTeacher. :-)

Shannon Kelly

Videos of Shannon Kelly here


Posted By Lucky on 07/25/06

It’s been a little while since I posted any hot naked girls from any of the BangBros sites. I figured today would be as good a day as any. The hottie in the picture is Brooke Haven and this is her fourth appearance here on Hottie Hangout. I keep posting pics and vids of this girl because she is hot and I think that she puts on a great scene. This time the scene is from Tugjobs and it’s another winner. Brooke gets naked and teases this guy before she gets down on her knees and gets him off. The best part of the scene in my opinion is when she wraps those big tits around his dick and fucks the hell out of him. Check out the pictures and videos to see a hot naked Brooke Haven putting on another great scene.

Brooke Haven

Videos of Brooke Haven here

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Posted By Ally on 07/24/06

Hey everyone. The girl in the picture is Barbie and this scene is from FirstTimeAuditions. Barbie is a hot blonde girl with a sexy body, and she looks great naked. In the pictures and video you can see Barbie’s first porn audition. I’m not 100% sure that this is her first time on film, but I have never seen her before so she is new to me. After seeing her fuck I can say that she has definitely fucked quite a bit in her life. She really knows what she is doing and she does it well. Take a look at her pictures and videos to see her get naked and naughty. If you have the time leave a comment I would like to know what you think of this hottie. :-)

Hot naked girl Barbie

Videos of Barbie here


Posted By Lucky on 07/23/06

Today’s post is of a hot Milf named Cheyenne Hunter and her pictures and videos are from DiaryofaMilf. Cheyenne might not be the hottest Milf but wait until you see the video from this scene. I was actually debating on whether or not to post the pictures of Cheyenne her on Hottie Hangout, but after I watched the video there was no doubt in my mind that she belongs here. Pictures just don’t do this Milf justice. You have to see her fuck to really appreciate her. In this scene she plays a mother who winds up going behind her daughters back to fuck her boyfriend. It may sound pretty fucked up but this is just a fantasy. Cheyenne does a great job in this scene. She makes this scene very believable, because she really wants to get fucked and it seems like she would do anything for some serious deep dicking. This is one of the hottest scenes I have seen in a while. Check out the pics and vids and let us know what you think.

Cheyenne Hunter

Videos of Cheyenne Hunter here

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Posted By Ally on 07/22/06

Hey everyone. Today’s post is of a hot little blonde named Sophia. I have seen her before plenty of times and have always thought that she was really hot. In this Scene from NeighborAffair she is a very naughty neighbor. Actually she is the president of the home owners ASSociation in her neighborhood. She stops by her neighbor’s house, who just moved in, to welcome him to the block. She also would like to explain the HOA fees to him, and I am not talking about money here. Sophia is not ashamed to come right out and tell him that he has to fuck her as part of his dues. I know most of you guys are probably wondering how you can move into this neighborhood. ;-) Me too. Checkout Sophia’s pictures and videos from this scene to see her getting naked and naughty. Have a good weekend and be nice to you neighbors. :-)

Naughty Sophia

Naughty videos of Sophia here


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