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Posted By Lucky on 03/31/06

It’s time for another hottie from one of my favorite sites. The girl’s name is Riley Brooks and the site that the pictures and videos are from is Big Sausage Pizza. The reason I like the site so much is that the girls and sex are hot and the videos can be really funny at times. I don’t think I have to explain why I like Riley Brooks. Just take a look at that face and body and you will see why. This is a classic scene from Big Sausage Pizza. The pizza guy shows up to Riley’s house to make a “delivery”, but she has no money to pay for it. Whatever will she do? Yes, you guessed it, she sucks and fucks the hell out of the pizza guy in order to pay for the pizza. In my opinion this is one of the hottest scenes from the site. The sex in this scene is great thanks to Riley’s attitude. You can tell that she was enjoying herself and actually likes to fuck. She certainly doesn’t seem like she is in the porn biz for the money alone. Make sure you take a look at the videos for this scene to see how naughty Riley Brooks gets.

Riley Brooks

Videos of Riley Brooks fucking


Posted By Ally on 03/30/06

Hey everyone. I have some more hot pictures of another girl today. :-) Big surprise huh. Today’s hottie is Cailey Taylor, and I have two sets of this girl for you guys. I had a hard time picking only two sets because they have a lot of great photo shoots of Cailey at Glamour Models Gone Bad. The first set that I picked out is a pretty simple set of Cailey all by herself. Well she isn’t completely alone. She does have her glass dildo with her. :-) There are some really sexy pictures of her naked and fucking herself in this set. In Cailey’s second set of pictures you get to see her getting naughty. She sucks and fucks some guy and you get to see some really hot pictures of the action. I hope you like the pictures that I picked out. :-)

Cailey Taylor 1 Cailey Taylor 2


Posted By Lucky on 03/29/06

These pictures and videos don’t really need that much explaining. There are three hot girls in this scene and all of them get naked and naughty. I have to admit that the girl on the right doesn’t have the hottest face, but you have to check out the rest of the pictures to see her ass and the rest of her body. The one in the middle is my favorite, which is strange because she is the only one that isn’t a blonde. She does have a hot little body and knows how to have some fun with the other two girls. I’m just not too crazy about her hair, but when you have three hot naked girls all fucking each other you really don’t pay much attention to a girl’s hair. The scene is great and these girls are not shy in the least. There is plenty of licking and fucking to keep you entertained. After you check out the pictures I suggest that you take a look at the videos because they are the best part.

Three Naked Hotties

Videos of these hotties

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Posted By Ally on 03/28/06

Ok everyone, I have another hottie for you today. Her name is JJ Holy and this girl looks so hot when she gets naked in these pictures. :-) Actually she is naked in almost every picture in this set. That isn’t even the best part. Throughout most of the pictures you get to see JJ Holly fucking herself with a glass dildo. :-) I wish I had some more pics of this hottie to show you but I could only find this one set to use. There are over a thousand more pictures of her and at least ten other sets of pics inside Twistys members area. Unfortunately I can’t post those, but if you are a member of Twistys I suggest that you take a look at them because they are really hot. I could tell you all the other reasons why Twistys is so great, but Lucky seems to do enough of that. :lol: Besides I think these pictures of JJ Holly speak for themselves. :-)

JJ Holly


Posted By Lucky on 03/27/06

Once again I found some even better pictures and videos of a hottie that I just posted. A few days ago I posted some pictures of Tiffany Taylor and today I was checking out SocalCoeds and found some better pictures of her. I have to tell you my opinion is slightly biased because Socal Coeds is a Naughty America site and I’m sure you all know by now that I am a huge fan of all of their sites. There is a good reason I am such a big fan though. If you have seen any of their sites you will know that they shoot some of the hottest girls and have great videos. This scene with Tiffany Taylor is no exception. This girl looks great naked and to make it even better the sex in this scene is really hot. There are some great pictures of Tiffany sucking dick and fucking. To top it all off the scene ends with Tiffany taking a facial with a big smile on her face. Oh yea, and the video of the scene is something you don’t want to miss. Check it out after the pics and you will see why another post about tiffany Taylor was necessary.

Tiffany Taylor

Hot Videos of Tiffany Taylor

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Posted By Ally on 03/26/06

It’s time for another amateur hottie. :-) This girl’s name is Melinda and she is a sexy blonde hottie. I found two sets of pictures of Melinda and I think that you will like both of them. :-) In the first set you get to see Melinda wearing a little white outfit. She takes off the outfit and gets naked so you can see all of her body. There are even some good shots of her spreading her pussy. In the second set of pictures Melinda is wearing a sexy school girl outfit. There are some more good shots of Melinda’s naked body and even a close up of her spreading her pussy from behind. :-) I hope that you like the pictures and if you want to see more hot amateur girls check out Amateurs Gone Bad. Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone. :-)

Amateur Melinda 1 Amateur Melinda 2

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Posted By Lucky on 03/25/06

I know that I just posted some pictures of Carmella Bing, but these are from my favorite site Housewife1on1. It’s so great when I find a hottie that I have not seen before and I wind up really liking her. It’s even better when she shows up on a Naughty America site. Thankfully the guys that run Naughty America really know what they are doing and they always seem to find some hot girl and take some great pictures and video of her in a really hot scene. I liked the scene that Carmella did in my last post about her, and this scene was wonderful also. I can’t figure out why I like this girl so much. Maybe I like those big tits of hers or maybe it’s that she really seems to enjoy getting fucked. Whatever it is this girl is just plain hot and looks great naked. She also knows how to fuck and puts on an amazing scene. Check out the pics and vids to see why I like Carmella Bing and Hosewife1on1 so much.

Carmella Bing

Videos of Carmella Bing


Posted By Ally on 03/24/06

Sorry for such a late post, but to make up for it I have some pictures and videos of a really hot naked girl. :-) I hope Lucky doesn’t get mad at me for posting her because she is definitely his kind of girl. Her name is Jessi Summers and she is a blonde with big tits. Her tits are nice but my favorite thing about her is her smile. :-) In these pictures you get to see some good shots of those tits and that gorgeous face of hers. My favorite is the video. That is where you get to see Jessi get naughty. :-) She starts out by taking off her clothes and getting naked. After that you get to see those big tits of hers bounce while she is riding a guy. Unfortunately you don’t get to see the real hardcore action unless you are a member of BigMouthfulls, but the pics and videos are still pretty hot. You can probably guess by the name of the site how the scene ends. I hope you guy like Jessi and if you do let us know. :-)

Jessi Summers

Naughty videos of Jessi


Posted By Lucky on 03/23/06

Since Ally is always stealing the girls that I want to post I figured it would be ok to post this hottie today. Her name is Monica Mayhem and Ally already posted her twice. I though about finding another hot girl since Monica has already been on Hottie Hangout a few times, but I liked these pictures of her too much to pass up. The pictures come from Naughty Office and I must say that this could be my favorite scene of Monica Mayhem that I have watched. Monica’s boss walks into her office and when he does she immediately hangs up the phone. When he asks her who she was talking to she has no choice but to confess that she has been working as a phone sex operator on company time. This means that in order for her to keep her job she must convince her boss she is worth keeping around. After watching this scene I am sure if Monica Mayhem ever needed a job she would have no problem finding one. Check out the trailer after you look at the pictures because the video is the best part.

Monica Mayhem

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Posted By Ally on 03/22/06

Here we go again. I don’t know the name of the hot girl that I found for today. :-( She goes by two different names (Shannon and Shea). Whatever her name is she is a sexy redhead. :-) I have two sets of pictures of her for you guys to check out. The first set is of this sexy girl getting completely naked outside. I don’t really like the outfit that she starts out wearing, but thankfully she takes it off pretty quick. What I do love is her hot body and the great set of tits she has. :-) At the end of the set she just starts to play with her pussy. In the second group of pictures she is wearing a much better outfit, but winds up taking that one off too. In these pics you get to see this hottie get a little naughtier. She takes off her clothes on a bed and starts to finger and spread her pussy. :-) I hope you guys like the pics. I know I can’t ever resist a hot redhead.

Hot Redhead 1 Hot Redhead 2


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