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Posted By Ally on 02/28/06

Hey guys! I have another hot naked girl for everyone today. :-) I know that she goes by the name of Adriana but I don’t know what her last name is. If anyone knows it please let me know because I would really like to see more of this hottie. They have several really hot sets of pictures of her at Glamour Models Gone Bad, but I can’t find her anywhere else. She does look familiar though. Anyway I still have some great pictures of Adriana to share with you guys. :-) In the first set you get to see this sexy girl get naked outside on a beach. She looks really hot and shows you her whole body. ;-) Her tits are perfect for her body and you get a couple great shots of her ass too. In the second set of pictures Adriana gets a little bit naughty. She is in a bathroom wearing a red corset with her tits just popping out of the top. She eventually opens it up so you can get a good look at them. Then she gets up on the ledge of the tub and starts to play with her pussy. :-) The last few pics are of Adriana bent over and fucking herself with a dildo. I hope you like her and I hope that someone knows her full name and could let me know it. Have a great day everyone! :-)

Hot naked Adriana Hot naked girl Adriana

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Posted By Lucky on 02/27/06

Well once again I found another really hot blonde that I thought everyone would like to see naked but couldn’t find any pictures that I could use. I had to make up my own little page of pictures from their members are so you guys could see this hottie. Her name is Veronika Simon and she is a stunningly hot blonde. The pictures of Veronika come from Twistys so you know that they are going to look great. In this set of pics Veronika starts out in a little white top and panties. She gets naked pretty quick and looks real sexy doing it. Once she is naked she shows off every last little bit of her smoking hot body. Towards the end of the set she gets out a glass dildo and starts to fuck herself. The whole set contains over 125 pictures and I wish I could show you them all, but unfortunately I can only show you a few. If you are a member at Twistys then you have to go check out the whole set. If your not then you can at least see some of the hot pictures of Veronika Simon that I picked out. Let me know what you think of this hottie in the comment section after you check out the pictures.

Veronika Simon


Posted By Ally on 02/26/06

I’m feeling a bit naughty today so the hottie that I picked out for you guys is Tory Lane. ;-) Yesterday I went and got a massage and my nails done and had a really great relaxing day. Today I woke up and started watching some porn and got all excited. :-) The scene that really got me worked up was this one with Toy Lane. This girl gets really naughty and I can definitely relate to this scene. She is sitting in her office at work when her phone rings. It’s a call from a guy down in the mail room to tell her that he has a strange package for her. He brings up the half open, vibrating package and she opens it in front of him. It turns out that it’s her new vibrator that she has been waiting for and she gets all excited. She then proceeds to show him how she uses it and after that tells him to lick her pussy. :-) Since she is technically his boss she can make him do whatever she wants. I really need a promotion so I can get this kind of treatment at work. ;-) Tory isn’t completely selfish though. After he goes down on her for a bit she returns the favor by giving him a really hot blowjob. After that she has him fuck her really hard right on her desk. :-) Throughout the whole scene Tory is talking dirty and telling him how she wants to be fucked. She is really naughty and this scene is super hot. Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to check out the trailer.

Tory Lane


Posted By Lucky on 02/25/06

Time for another hot blonde. This hottie is named Cassie Young but for some reason they have her name listed as Cassy on this site. It’s so hard to keep track of all the names that these pornstars go by, but I always though Cassie was pretty hot and I remembered her name. She looks great as always and gets really naughty in this scene. Cassie is a tall hot blonde that has a great body, nice tits and a really pretty face. Every time I see her she always has a huge smile on her face. Of course the only time I see her is when she is fucking so I guess she really likes her job. :lol: These pictures and videos of her are no exception. In this scene you can tell that she is having a great time while she sucks and fucks this guy. It starts out with Cassie getting naked and dancing around a bit. Then she pulls this guy’s pants off and gives him one wicked blowjob. After that they fuck in a bunch of different positions and you can tell that she loves every minute of it. To finish of the scene she takes a huge load on her face and she is still smiling the whole time. Not only is Cassie a hottie but she is a really fun girl and knows how to have a good time.

Cassie Young

Videos of Cassie Young being naughty

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Posted By Ally on 02/24/06

It’s Friday! :-) I can’t wait until work is over and I can enjoy the weekend. Its been a pretty busy week and I just wan’t to relax. I have another hot amateur girl for everyone and I think you guys will like her. Her name is Kari and she is a skinny blonde that gets pretty naughty in these pictures. ;-) In the first set she is wearing red fishnets and panties and she looks really hot and sexy when she is taking them off. She is not shy at all and shows off her whole body. The best picture in this set is the one at the end where she is pulling on her fishnets with her teeth and spreading her pussy at the same time. :-) In the second set this hottie gets pretty naughty and fucks herself with a dildo. Both sets are nice but I can’t stop thinking about that one picture in the first set. I like pictures of hot pornstars but sometimes it’s nice to see an amateur girl that isn’t as well known getting a little dirty for the camera. ;-) Leave a comment and let us know what you think of her and to see even more of Kari check out Amateurs Gone Bad. Enjoy the weekend everyone! :-)

Hot Amateur Kari 1 Hot Amateur Kari 2

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Posted By Lucky on 02/23/06

I know that I had just made a post about Brittaney Starr a few days ago, but I can’t resist posting her again in this hot scene. She is one of the few girls that people have commented on so quickly, and if you have seen her fuck than you will know why. When you see her naked, Milf is defianeately the first thing that comes to your mind. She may be a little older but she has such a hot body and don’t forget with age comes experience. Mrs. Starr certainly knows her way around the bedroom. In this scene from DiaryofaMilf her husband is away on another business trip and she is watching her gardener working out in the yard. She invites him inside for a drink of water but he winds up getting a lot more than that. Brittaney is quick to get him naked and then she starts sucking his dick like she hasn’t had one in years. That is followed by some of the hottest sex I have seen in a while. When Naughty America starts a new site they definitely make sure that they have some great scenes ready for it when it launches and Diary of a Milf has been no exception. This is one of Mrs. Starr’s best scenes yet. Check out the pictures and the videos to see for yourself.

Brittaney Starr

Videos of Brittaney Starr


Posted By Ally on 02/22/06

Hey everyone. I have another hot girl that looks great naked for you guys. :-) This hottie is Evelyn Lory and she is really sexy. In these pictures Evelyn is on a motorcycle and not wearing any clothes at all. This girl has such a great body and an ass that is almost perfect. As hot as her body is the part of Evelyn that I think is the sexiest is her face and those gorgeous eyes of hers. I am not crazy about the setting for these pictures though. I think she would look a lot better if she was lying on a bed (preferably mine) ;-) or another sexy location, but I know that some of you guys might like a hot chick on a bike. I would love to find some hot pictures of her getting a little naughtier, but she does do a pretty good job of showing of her whole body in these pics. If anyone knows where to find any videos of this sexy girl than please let me know. I would love to see this girl in some hot lesbian action or getting fucked by a guy. :-) I hope that you guys like the pictures of this hottie. Have a great day everyone! :-)

Evelyn Lory

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Posted By Lucky on 02/21/06

Well it looks like I’m back to finding hot blondes with big tits. I was looking around for a hot girl to post for today and ran across some pictures of Sammie Rhodes. I haven’t seen too many recent pictures of her but I remembered I saw her at BigNaturals not too long ago. That’s where I found these pictures and videos of her. I am not too crazy about girls with pierced nipples and Sammie has them. They don’t bother me on her though because she is such a hot girl and they are just little barbells and not big hoops or anything like that. What I like about Sammie is that she can either have a bitchy look on her face or a really nice smile and still look sexy either way. The other thing I like about her is that she really knows how to fuck. Sammie does a great job of sucking dick in this scene and she looks great while she is getting fucked. I have some clips of this hottie to go along with the pics so don’t forget to check those out too. As always let us know what you think of her in the comment section.

Sammie Rhodes

Videos of Sammie

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Posted By Ally on 02/20/06

Hey guys! Today is such a great day. :-) This is the first Monday that I haven’t had to work in a while. I took some time this morning to check out Diary of a Milf since Lucky keeps telling me how great of a site it is and how all the girls are hot. I have to agree with him though it really is a nice site. :-) I think that they will attract a lot of women to this site too. The combination of hot naked girls and the fantasies that these women have make the scenes really sexy. Don’t confuse that with lame softcore sex though because these hot milfs get pretty naughty. ;-) The girl that I picked out for today is Sue Diamond and she is a really sexy hottie. Sue is also a hot blonde that looks great naked. In the pictures you get to see her strip off her pink dress and get naked. :-) You also get to see her get her pussy licked and suck some dick. The hottest part of the scene is when these two fuck. The sex is so hot and the accent of Sue Diamond makes it ever hotter. Make sure you watch the videos that I posted after you check out the pictures. I know that you will like it. :-) I wish that every Monday I could sit home and watch porn. ;-)

Sue Diamond

Video of Sue Diamond


Posted By Lucky on 02/19/06

Ok, I have a really hot girl that I have been meaning to post for a while now but she kept on getting bumped for other hotties. I decided today would be a good day to post her so here she is. Her name is Cassia Riley and she is one sexy hottie. This girl has a great body, a gorgeous face and she looks great naked. Unfortunately I don’t have any video of her but I do have two really hot sets of pictures of this girl. The first set is of Cassia Riley wearing a yellow bra and panties but they don’t stay on for too long. There are some great shots of her showing of that sexy body and spreading her pussy. I really like the second set of pictures because in every shot this hottie is looking right at the camera with a really sexy look on her face. You can tell that she is having fun while she is posing for these pics. She even gets a little naughty too. Towards the end of the set you get to see Cassia fingering herself and showing off her ass which is really fucking hot. If you want to see more of her check out Twistys. They have a lot more pictures of Cassia and other sexy girls.

Cassia Riley 1 Cassia Riley 2

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