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Posted By Lucky on 01/31/06

Ok, I know that Ally already posted this hottie, but that was months ago and I couldn’t resist posting her again from another site. The hottie in this scene is Austin Kincaid. For some reason she used the name Melissa, but trust me this is definitely Austin. I would never forget a girl this hot. The pictures and videos of this hot girl come from Big Sausage Pizza. That site cracks me up every time I go there. The setup to all of their scenes are pretty much the same. A guy shows up at some girl’s house to deliver a pizza. He goes inside, sits down with the pizza on his lap, and when the girl opens the box his dick is coming up through the middle of the pizza. The girl freaks out for a bit but after that she just can’t seem to resist the sausage. Don’t get me wrong the site is funny as hell, but after the pizza is out of the way its just pure hot sex. Once you look at the pics and vids you will see what I am talking about. If you click the first picture of Austin it will take you to the pictures from this scene and if you click the second picture of her it will take you to the videos.
Austin Kincaid pictures Austin Kincaid videos


Posted By Ally on 01/30/06

It’s Monday already. :-( I didn’t want this weekend to end. I had such a great time on Saturday night. :-) I went out to a few clubs with my girlfriends and we had a blast. We had a lot of fun dancing at the clubs and having a bunch of guys checking us out, but the real fun was when two of my girlfriends and I left the club to go back to my place. ;-) It has been so long since I had such a great time like that and I can’t wait to do it again. I don’t have any pictures from Saturday, but I do have some pictures of Mason Marconi that I’m sure you will all enjoy. I actually have two sets of pictures of this hot girl getting naked and showing off her sexy body. In the first set Mason is outside and she looks really hot. My favorite is the second set of pictures though. They are of Mason stripping out of some sexy lingerie and then playing with herself with a string of pearls. I hope these pictures of Mason Marconi help to brighten your Monday. Have a great day everyone! :-)
Mason Marconi 1 Mason Marconi 2


Posted By Lucky on 01/29/06

A couple of months ago I had posted some pictures of Harmony from AssMasterpiece. I just watched another scene of hers from Fast Times at NAU today. I don’t know which one was better, but I do know that this scene is definitely worth checking out. This time Harmony is back as a naughty little college girl. Her boyfriend just found out that she has slept with quite a few guys since she has been at college. It seems that Harmony has been going out with her sorority sisters, getting drunk and hooking up with guys. At first he was upset but after she starts taking off his pants and telling him that she wants to show him what she has learned he begins to calm down. I admit that while Harmony is a hottie she may not be the hottest girl that I have posted, but once you see her fuck you will know why I had to post her twice. You have to check out the trailer after you look at the pictures to see this hot girl get naughty.
Hottie Harmony

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Posted By Ally on 01/28/06

All I have been doing all week is working and I haven’t had much time for anything else. :-( Everyone needs to have a little fun, so tonight I am going to go out and have a good time. Since I have been spending so much time in the office this week I thought that today’s post would be appropriate. The hottie of the day is Christina Brooks and her scene comes from Naughty Office. Christina is working in her office and people keep coming in and interrupting her all day long. She just wants to get her work done, but everyone else keeps coming into her office to give her more work to do. I can really relate to this scene. ;-) Eventually the “VP” of the office, or so she thinks, comes to her and tells her that he can get her a better office away from everyone else if she just “helps him out”. By this point Christina is willing to do anything to get away from all this bullshit (and she probably could use a good fuck by now) so she agrees to do whatever he would like her to do. That’s when the fun starts. :-) Christina gets up on the desk and starts to give him a great blowjob which turns into some really hot sex. Why does this never happen when I’m a work. ;-) The pictures from this scene are not bad, but to really see how hot the action gets check out the trailer. I can’t wait to go out tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to have as much fun as Christina did. :-)

Christina Brooks

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Posted By Lucky on 01/27/06

I was over at Twistys yesterday and was looking for a great looking babe to post for today when I ran across Anette Dawn. This girl is damn near perfect. She has a beautiful face, great tits and a really nice ass. Anette is one of the hottest blondes I have ever seen. I couldn’t find a gallery of her that I could post so I grabbed some great pictures of her and put them all together for everyone. These are not the full size high quality pictures that you get in their members area, but they definitely give you a good idea of how hot Anette is. They have way more pictures of her and other gorgeous babes at Twistys but I can’t post them all here. I’m sure that you will all like the pictures that I put together and when you are done checking them out stop by Twistys Blog because they posted some pictures of this hottie too.

Anette Dawn

More of Anette Dawn at Twistys Blog

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Posted By Ally on 01/26/06

Wow. This week has gone by really fast and it’s almost the weekend again. :-) I have been spending so much time working and haven’t had much time for fun lately, but this weekend I’m going out with the girls and hopefully I’ll have a good time. ;-) Ok, enough about me, let’s get right to the hot girl that I have for you guys today. Her name is Monica Mayhem and I had made a post about her a few months back. Back then she was a blonde and now she is a really sexy redhead. :-) In this scene she is a naughty little housewife that cooks her man dinner and then fucks him like a good wife does. :lol: I know all you guys must love the idea of that. She looks great wearing nothing but an apron, but she looks even better fully naked. I’m not a big fan of girls with tattoos, but Monica looks pretty good with them. She looks like a wild redhead that is ready to get really dirty. :-) I hope you guys like her pictures and don’t forget to check out her trailer from Housewife1on1 to see how hot she looks when she is fucking. Have a great day everyone! :-)

Monica Mayhem


Posted By Lucky on 01/25/06

Ok it’s time for another VIPcrew party that is packed with hot naked girls. There are hotties everywhere at this party and it seems that they all want to get naked and shake their ass. There is so much tits and ass at these parties and I’d give anything to get invited to one of them. I made a couple other posts about this site and if you haven’t checked it out yet you have to be crazy. At this party the girls are all hanging out by the pool and get a little crazy after they have been drinking. There are wet t-shirts, girls flashing their tits, and hot girls running around naked. Towards the end of the party two guys bring three of these girls into another room and a crazy orgy breaks out. You have to check out these pictures. The first two pictures will take you to a gallery of this party and the last picture will take you to their site so you can check out some of the trailers they have of the parties. If you don’t like this site let me know in the comments because everyone that I know that has seen it loves it.

Hot Naked Girls 1

Hot Naked Girls 2

Hot Naked Girls 3


Posted By Ally on 01/24/06

Hey everyone! :-) I’m really happy that people are leaving comments and taking the time to send us their feedback through the contact form. We got a comment last night from someone that asked us why we don’t have that many amateur girls on Hottie Hangout. I thought about it for a minute and could not come up with a good answer. It seems that we get caught up in these really hot pornstars and forget that there are plenty of less known hotties out there too. This site is not just about pornstars it’s about finding the hottest girls for everyone, so today’s post is of a really hot amateur girl named Raylene. :-) I went looking for a hottie that wasn’t a famous pornstar last night and the first site I checked was Amateurs Gone Bad, which is included with my membership to Glamour Models Gone Bad. I haven’t posted any hotties from this site yet and I can’t really tell you why. It’s really a great site if you like amateur hotties. One of the first girls I ran across was Raylene. The first set of pictures I saw of her where the ones where she is in the shower. I knew right away that she was going to be the hottie that I was going to post today. I wanted to look around and see if they had any more pictures of her and they did. :-) I also posted another set of pictures that I found of this hot girl for you guys. Raylene looks really hot in the shower when she is all wet and I just love her tits, but I think the last shot, in the second set of pictures, where Raylene is looking right at you while she is spreading her pussy is my favorite. ;-) I hope that everyone enjoys the pictures and keep them comments coming. :-)
Hottie Raylene 1 Hottie Raylene 2

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Posted By Lucky on 01/23/06

Ok, I know that both of these hotties have been posted before, but they have never been posted together in this hot of a scene. A couple days ago Ally posted a really hot threesome that I was going to post, so I had to find another one that was just as good. The pictures and video that I have for today show Courtney Simpson and Dani Woodward fucking each other and also one lucky guy. Dani brings Courtney over to her friend’s brother’s house so that Courtney can get laid. Dani was going to take off once she introduced them, but Courtney talked her into staying around a little longer so that she could have some fun too. These girls put on one hell of a show for this guy and then fuck and suck him like crazy. The pictures are great and so is the video. I’m not saying that this scene is hotter than the one that Ally posted, but they are definitely comparable. The good news is that if you are a member of My Sisters Hot Friend, where this scene comes from, you also have access to Naughty Office, the site where Ally’s post comes from. Thanks again to the guys at Naughty America for getting hotties like this together.
Courtney Simpson and Dani woodward

Video of the Hotties

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Posted By Ally on 01/22/06

Hey guys! :-) I have to make this post quick because I have so much stuff to get done today. I was looking around for hotties last night and decided to see what are first “Featured Hottie” has been up to. It seems that Jena Ricci has been up to a lot. Her site is constantly being updated and some of her new pictures and videos are really hot. :-) The pictures that I have for you guys today are of Jena Ricci getting naked and sucking on a big rubber dick. She looks really hot doing it and I hope you enjoy the pictures. I’m also going to include a few video clips so you can see a little more of this hottie. If you want to see what Jena has been up to lately you can also check out her own blog here. That should keep everyone busy for a while. ;-) Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone. :-)
Jena Kay Ricci

Videos of Jena Ricci

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