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Posted By Ally on 12/31/05

Happy New year everyone. Sorry for the late post but I have been running around all day long trying to get everything ready for tonight. Like lucky said yesterday were going to a big party tonight. He has been telling me to try and hook him up with some of my hot friends all day long. I have a feeling he’ll be able to find someone to hook up with tonight. I’m more worried about myself finding someone to kiss at midnight. ;-) Of course, I did find some time to pick out a hottie for you guys earlier today, and here she is. Her name is Tatiana and she is a really hot blonde from Glamour Models Gone Bad. She looks really sexy in these pictures and I think you’ll like them. I pretty excited about some of the new stuff that lucky has planned for Hottie Hangout and can wait for more hotties. :-) I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and have a great time tonight. Have a Happy New year everyone. :-)
Hottie Tatiana

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Posted By Lucky on 12/30/05

I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know about the new videos of the day here at Hottie Hangout. They are located in the side bar under “Hot Stuff”. They are updated daily so you can come back and check out a new softcore or hardcore video everyday. I’m trying to add some new things to this site and this is only the first step. So keep an eye out for some more hottie related treats that should be popping up soon. Also if you have any suggestions or comments about Hottie Hangout, or if you want us to try and find some pictures of your favorite hottie or pornstar just send us a message by clicking on the “contact us” link under the “Navigation” bar.

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Posted By Lucky on 12/30/05

Well it’s finally the end of the week. New Years Eve is tomorrow and I’m going to a big party with Ally and some of are friends. I’ll be sure to give you guy all the details about what Ally does once she gets drunk. ;-) Today is also the day I was finally able to get a hold of the pictures that I told you about last Thursday in this post. These pics are of Tory Lane, and I must admit that she is one of my favorite pornstars. Lucky for me this scene comes from my current favorite porn site, Housewife1on1. I know everyone is probably sick of the Christmas theme by now, but the pics and video of Tory are too hot to pass up. This hottie really like to fuck and you can tell by the video. She loves to talk dirty and get fucked hard. Tory Lane is another one of those girls that isn’t going to just lay there while you fuck her and look bored. She will fuck the hell out of you like an animal. Tory is the kind of girl that will smack her own ass while you’re fucking her and ride your dick until she tells you to cum on her face. She is definitely a naughty hottie and my kind of girl. Check out the video after you look at the pics and see Tory lane in action.
Torry Lane


Posted By Ally on 12/29/05

What a day it has been! I slept through my alarm this morning and got to work about two hours late. Once I got to work my boss was bitching to me about being late and won’t get off my ass about it. :evil: This was the first time I have been late to work in about a year. I have a ton of work to get done by the end of today or I’ll be working late tonight. I still managed to take a quick lunch break so I could post today’s hottie for you guy. :-) I haven’t missed a day of finding sexy hotties yet. The girl that I have for you today is a hot blonde named Kelle Marie. She looks so hot and sexy in these pictures. This girl is not shy in the least and shows off every last bit of that hot body of hers. She looks so hot when she is spreading her pussy and looking right at you. If that isn’t enough she gets out a big glass dildo and fucks herself. These pictures of Kelle Marie are really hot and I wish I could look at them all day long, but I have to get back to work before my pain in the ass boss starts complaining again. :-( I can’t wait to be done for the day so I can go home, take a hot shower, and watch some porn. :-)
Hottie Kelle Marie


Posted By Lucky on 12/28/05

Damn that’s one hot redhead that Ally posted yesterday. Even though blondes are my favorite I still like the occasional hottie with red hair. I did a little looking around and found another hot redhead for today. This little hottie is Patricia Petite. When I say little I’m not joking. As her name implies, she is very petite and very hot. She is another girl from Teen Hitchhikers which is part of the All Reality Pass network. She gets picked up by a guy while she is hitchhiking and goes for a “ride” with him. He talks her into giving him a blowjob and then they go back to the house for some really hot sex. I’m pretty sure that Patricia is French Canadian, and her English is ok but she doesn’t understand everything the guy is saying. She may not speak great English but she sure can fuck. I kind of think it’s hot that she may not understand him, but doesn’t care because she just wants to fuck. I am including some video of this petite hottie so you can see how hot she is.
Patricia Petite

Video of Patricia Petite fucking.

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Posted By Ally on 12/27/05

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good holiday. :-) I had such a good time this weekend with my family and friends, and I got some great gifts. I am going to post some pictures of one of my gifts from lucky as soon as I find a picture of it that I can use. It’s a good thing I didn’t open it in front of my family. ;-) I see that Lucky liked the pictures of Melissa that I found (big Shock). ;-) Any who, enough of the Christmas talk and on to today’s hottie. This hot girl’s name is Angel Dark, and when you see her body you will know why she is named Angel. This girl has one of the hottest bodies I have ever seen. It is the closest thing to perfection that I have seen. Her face is hot, her tits are perfect, and words can’t even describe her ass. When you see these pictures of Angel Dark there is one that just jumps out at you. It’s the picture of Angel’s ass, and there is no way you can miss it. I think the only thing I would change about this hottie is her hair. I think if she let it down she would look even hotter. I don’t think anyone will even notice her hair when she has a body this sexy though. You have to see these pictures. They are too hot to pass up. Have a great day everyone and let me know what you think of her in the comment section. :-)
Angel Dark

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Posted By Lucky on 12/26/05

I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas had a good holiday yesterday. Mine was great! I didn’t get everything that I wanted (Ally didn’t send over a bunch of hot blondes for me) but I got a bunch of great gifts. It looks like Ally had to find a way to compete with all the hotties that I posted on Saturday, and I must say the pictures of Melissa come pretty close. I have another hot blonde for everyone today too. Her name is Charlotte Stokely and she is a college hottie. I found these pictures of her at FastTimesAtNAU along with a bunch of other hot college girls. In the pics Charlotte is fucking and sucking some guy in a bar. They fuck all over the bar and even right on the pool table. It’s a pretty hot scene and definately worth checking out. Have fun checking out the pics. I have to go out to te mall and try and exchange some clothes I got for ones that fit, along with everyone else.
Hottie Charlotte Stokely

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Posted By Ally on 12/25/05

Merry Christmas! :-) I saw Melissa Midwest fucking Santa Clause underneath the Christmas tree. Then I saw her getting naughty with her hot friend. Lucky did have some pretty hot pictures yesterday but I have pictures of Melissa Midwest getting fucked. I’m sure Lucky will agree that it’s pretty hard to top that. As my present to everyone that comes to Hottie Hangout I have posted two sets of pictures of the hottie Melissa. In the first set she is fucking and sucking on Santa’s dick. Even though it is a fake dick the pictures are really hot. I wish I could show you some dirtier pictures but she saves those for her members only, sorry. :-( In the second set of pictures you get to see Melissa getting naughty with one of her hot girlfriends. I knew she had been naughty this year. ;-) I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas and that you guys enjoy these pics. It’s not too often that you get to see Melissa Midwest getting fucked. Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and if you are a member of Melissa’s site send he an email or IM her and tell her Merry Christmas, I’m sure she will appreciate it. :-)
Melissa Midwest Fucking
Mellisa Midwest and her hot friend


Posted By Lucky on 12/24/05

I saw Ally’s post yesterday and thought “that’s a lot of hotties”. The girls were really hot and that one girl is smoking fucking hot. Sorry to say it Ally, but the pictures I have for today are even better. I can’t even count how many hotties are in these pictures. As you can probably tell from the amount of hot girls, the site these pics came from is VIPcrew. I have no idea how they can get so many hotties in one place and get them naked, but I don’t really care as long as they keep doing it. Anyway this is one hell of a Christmas party. These girls all get on a yacht for some holiday fun. There is so much tits and ass in this scene that I couldn’t even count how many hotties were there. They even get out the hose and spray down these girls for some wet t-shirt fun. At the end of the scene two guys bring two hotties downstairs and they fuck like crazy. Some of the other hotties were watching this action and even pressing their tits up against the windows. It’s a really hot scene and makes me wish I was invited to a holiday party like this. Check out the video that they have on their tour to see these hotties in action. Have a happy holiday and I hope you all get what you want, unless you are wanting these hotties. Their mine, all mine, I saw them first. :lol:
Hottie Christmass party

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Posted By Ally on 12/23/05

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :-) I have got a great post to get everyone into the holiday spirit for today. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas you will appreciate it. If you like a room full of sexy hot milfs that is. These pictures are really hot. There are six hot milfs getting down and dirty. I know that was on someone’s Christmas list this year. :-) These hotties have been both naughty and nice. The hot lesbian sex is definitely naughty, but they were nice enough to get it on film so everyone else could enjoy it too. ;-) The girl on the lower left, in the picture below, is so hot. I wouldn’t mind having her under my Christmas tree, and I’m sure Lucky is drooling over her right now too. There is plenty spreading of Christmas cheer, and pussies too. Of course there is also plenty of fingering and licking to go along with that. The action even gets hotter when they get out the dildos and strap-ons. You can see some video of these hotties if you check out the tour after you look at the pictures. Have a good weekend and I’ll have another great holiday post that I’m sure everyone will love on Christmas for ya. :-)
Sexy Milf Hotties

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