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Posted By Lucky on 11/30/05

It’s another great day here at Hottie Hangout. I’m in a good mood because yesterday I talked to the girl that I met on Saturday and we are going out again this Friday. I hope everything goes good with that because she seems like a really cool chick. I am also in a good mood because I found some pretty hot pictures of Terri Summers. The pictures are of Terri and one of her girlfriends getting into some hot lesbian sex. Both her and her friend are really hot and these pictures are great. They lick each others pussies and fuck each other with a dildo. My favorite picture is the one in the bottom row where Terri has her legs over her head and her friend is fucking her with the dildo that is in her mouth. The one after that where the dildo is in between her tits is hot too. What the hell am I talking about? All these pictures are hot! Go check them out and see for yourself.
Terri Summers

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Posted By Ally on 11/29/05

Hey guys! Sorry for getting this post out late today but I had to work longer than expected. It’s no fun having a bunch of days off and then having to go back and catch up on all the work you missed. Luckily I found a hottie last night that I know everyone will love. Her name is Michelle B and you probably recognize her from a couple other posts of mine. I think you guys can tell by now that I really like her. The other posts I made had pictures of her getting it on with two girls. Well today I am feeling extra naughty so I found some new pictures of her fucking two guys. She gets really dirty in these pictures. They’re from My Sisters Hot Friend so you can be sure that they are good quality and real hot! She starts off by sucking her best friend’s brother’s dick and his friend also. Then both of them get to fuck her and she even does anal. The ending is really dirty but I think you guys will like it. I told you that Michelle gets naughty. ;-)
Naughty Michelle B


Posted By Lucky on 11/28/05

Well the holiday and the weekend are over and it’s Monday again. I had a great thanksgiving and Saturday night wasn’t bad either. Me and my friend Mike went out to a local bar and met a few hot girls. No action that night but I got one girls phone number. We hit it off pretty good and I will definitely be calling her. Her body is just like today’s hottie Chloe Anderson, but her face is not the same. I hope I get to see her body fully naked sometime soon to really get a good comparison. Chloe has a smoking hot body and she is simply gorgeous. In the pictures you get to see her in some skimpy lingerie that looks really sexy on her, but I think anything would look sexy on this hottie. Don’t worry though she takes it off and you get to see all of Chloe. You get to see her great tits, nice ass, and best of all you get to see her spread her pussy and finger herself. I think I’m going to give the girl I met a call tonight. After looking at these pictures of Chloe I’m in the mood for a little fun.
Chloe Anderson

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Posted By Ally on 11/27/05

Hey everybody! The last few days have been great! :-) I have been getting up late and relaxing all day. It’s nice to have a few days off from work and not have anything that has to get done. I did make it out of the house yesterday to get some shopping done but almost everything I bought was for myself. ;-) Of course I have spent a good amount of time looking at porn and finding you guys some hotties. The hottie I have for you today is Monica Mayhem. Lucky should really like this sexy blonde girl. The pictures are of Monica out by the pool and she looks really sexy. She starts off in a yellow bikini and then this hot girl gets naked and you get to see all of her perfect body. Once this hottie is fully naked she fucks herself with a glass dildo and then sucks on it. I think she is really hot but let me know what you think of her in the comment section. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :-)
Monica Mayhem


Posted By Lucky on 11/26/05

The guys from Naughty America have done it again. Their new site HouseWife1on1 is fucking great. A few weeks ago Ally posted some pictures of Shay Sweet from there and I though they were pretty hot. I checked out the tour of their site and there where quite a few hotties. I held back on getting a membership for a little bit to make sure they kept updating with new hot girls. Last night I broke down and signed up. They have definitely been filling that site up with a bunch of sexy hotties. They even have one of my favorite pornstars, Julie Robbins. This girl has a great body but the best part about her is that she loves to talk dirty with her sexy southern accent. In this scene she finds out that her husband has been seeing his ex-girlfriend. Instead of getting mad and leaving him, she shows him that she can fuck better than her and that she will do ANYTHING to keep him. Enjoy the pictures and make sure you check out the video they have of Julie Robbins getting fucked. It’s really hot.
Julie Robbins

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Posted By Ally on 11/25/05

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! :-) I spent all day yesterday with the family. I had a pretty good day and the food was great. When I got home I checked to see if Lucky had posed a hottie for you and he did. I thought he would be too busy eating and watching football. Some people like to spend the day after thanksgiving shopping but I’ll wait until the stores are a little less crowded and spend my day relaxing and looking at porn instead. I got a treat for you guys today. A tasty Peach treat. Peach is Twistys treat of the month. She has a really hot body and a great pair of tits. I have posted some pictures of her for you guy but I also got some videos for you too. I think the videos are the best part because you get to see Peach fuck herself with a dildo and you get to see this hottie dance around naked while looking unbelievably sexy. Have fun looking at the pictures and checking out the video. I’m going to continue my day of porn and leftovers. :-)
Sexy Peach

Videos of Sexy Peach

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Posted By Lucky on 11/24/05

Happy Thanksgiving. Today is the day where you main focus is on legs, thighs, and breasts. Oh yea, and turkey too. I am thankful for many things this year. I am especially thankful for hotties like Britney Foster. These pictures of her are hotter than a turnkey fresh out of the oven. She starts out by getting on her knees and sucking a big dick. Then Britney rides the dick for awhile before she lays on her side to get some stuffing. Forget pumpkin pie, I want Britney Foster for dessert! There you have it, one sexy hottie getting fucked and a post chalk full o’ suggestive Thanksgiving comments. So check out the pictures of Britney Foster and have a happy Thanksgiving. I know you will be coming back for seconds.
Britney Foster

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Posted By Ally on 11/23/05

Happy humpday everybody. Even though it is only Wednesday it seems like Friday because of Thanksgiving and that means a four day weekend. :-) I’m so excited to have four day off from work and I know you all will be excited after you see the hotties I have found for you today. Since Lucky mentioned how much he likes big tittied blondes, and I have been watching a lot of girl on girl porn lately, I though todays post would be perfect. How about three big tittied blondes all fucking each other. It doesn’t get much better than that. The pictures are here as always but I also included some videos for you guys. That way you can see these three sexy hotties getting naked and then licking and fingering each others pussies. The action gets pretty hot when these three hotties go at it. Well enjoy the pictures and videos and have a Happy Turkeyday tomorrow! :-)
Three blonde hotties fucking

Video of these hotties fucking

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Posted By Lucky on 11/22/05

I got another hot naked girl for everyone today. Her name is Britney Skye and she is one sexy pornstar. If you couldn’t tell by now I got a thing for hot blondes with big tits and Britney Skye fits right into that category. These pictures are really hot. They start out with a guy taking off Britney’s bikini and licking her tits. After that she takes off his clothes and sucks his dick. He returns the favor by licking her pussy before the really hot pictures of him fucking her. For more pictures of Britney Skye and other sexy pornstars and hotties check out Pure Pornstars.
Britney Skye

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Posted By Ally on 11/21/05

I can’t believe it is already Monday. Where did the weekend go? :-( It looks like Lucky had a good night on Saturday. I wish I would have been able to go out and have some fun this weekend but I wasn’t feeling too good on Saturday and I had to catch up on some house cleaning yesterday. I did have some time last night to find you guys another hottie though. The hottie of the day is Avy Scott. Avy is a pretty well known porn star and if you have seen pictures or a video of her in action than you are probably a fan of hers. I got a bunch of pictures of Avy for you today. You get to see her posing naked outside by a car and playing wit her pussy. You also get to see her stripping off her bikini by the hot tub and then fuck and suck a nice big cock. If you want to see more of Avy check out the tour over at Twistys. They have over a thousand more pictures of just Avy, and a lot of other hotties too .
Avy Scott

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