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Posted By Lucky on 10/31/05

Happy Halloween everybody. Since it is Halloween I decided I would give you guys a treat and show you a trick. Today I have for you one sexy blonde bombshell named Michelle. Getting to see her naked is definitley a treat. The pizza guy show up at her house to deliver to her a Big Sausage Pizza.When he gets there he goes inside and plays the old “dick through the pizza box” trick. Yea, I never heard of it either. He sets the pizza on his lap and when Michelle opens the lid of the box she sees the big sausage coming up right through the middle of the pizza. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. She did fall for the trick because next thing you know she is fucking the hell out of the pizza guy. Apparently I should have been a pizza delivery guy for Halloween. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone.

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Posted By Ally on 10/30/05

Since my last post got me thinking about all the fun I had in college I decided to post this college cutie for you guys and girls. I found her over at SoCal Coeds with a bunch of other hotties. You have to love those South Cali girls and these pictures will show you why. Jamie Lynn really shows you how good she sucks and fucks in these pictures, but I don’t think that they really do her justice, so I included some videos for ya too. I wish they all could be California girls. :-)
Jamie Lynn
Videos Here

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Posted By Lucky on 10/29/05

I just love pictures of hotties out by the pool. Getting to see a chick strip off a bikini and show off her sexy body is really hot. That’s just what Erica does in theses pics. This horny spanish hottie not only shows off her body, she shows you that she knows how to fuck. Her eyes just light up and she gets the biggest smile on her face when she sees this guys cock. This girl just looks happy as can be when she is getting fucked. I’m just happy that I found these pictures. Check her out in these pics but don’t blame me if your computer starts to overheat.

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Posted By Ally on 10/28/05

Have you ever wanted to sleep with your sisters hot friends? I sure know that I have. I won’t get into the stories of all the fun I had in college right now. Well even if you don’t have a sister or her friends weren’t hot you have to check out My Sisters Hot Friend and see the hotties over there getting it on with their best friends brothers. This hottie is Cali Foxx and her last name describes her perfectly. She gets it on with her friends brother without the sister knowing. Be sure to check out the movie on the site to see Cali Fuck Foxx. ;-)
Cali Foxx


Posted By Lucky on 10/27/05

You bet I am going to try and top Ally’s post, and what a better way to do it than with three hotties. As much as I like to see a really hot chick getting fucked I can’t turn down pictures of three hot girls all getting it on with each other. There is no way you can look at two girls pulling off another girls panties with their teeth and not want to get in on that action. These two girls convinced the other girl that she had won a surprise makeover. Instead of a makeover it turned into some making out followed by some hot lesbian sex. I’d like to MAKE my way OVER to that house and help them out.
Three Hotties

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Posted By Ally on 10/26/05

Hey guys. I found another hot blonde for all of you. This one is Naudia and she really gets naughty in these pictures. Just like the last hottie that Lucky posted she has a really hot body with great tits and ass. When Lucky asked “what more could you ask for?” I thought “I want to see her fuck a big cock!”. :-) I can be really naughty too. :evil: Well Naudia does just that and you lucky perverts get to see her do it. I better start looking for another hottie now cause when Lucky sees this post I know he will be trying to top it.


Posted By Lucky on 10/25/05

I was just checking out Twistys again today and ran across this hot blonde. They never cease to amaze me over there. This little hottie has got one smokin body and she make sure you get to see it all. She has an adorable face, perky tits, and a great ass. What more could you ask for? Now stop reading this and go check out the pics! :-)

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Posted By Ally on 10/24/05

Hey everyone. Sorry for the late post but I got stuck at work all day. I still had time to find you guys a hottie with perfect tits though. ;-) This hottie is Austin Kincaid and she has to be one of the sexiest porn stars I have seen. Her accountant finds out that her husband has been cheating on her. She of course decides to fuck her accountant to get back at her husband. Austin has one of the hottest boddies I have ever seen and her tits are perfect. If I ever get mine done that is exactly how I want them to look. Not only is she a hottie but she can fuck too. Check out the pics. I have to go find an accountant or a wife that has been cheated on. ;-)
Austin Kincaid

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Posted By Lucky on 10/23/05

If you don’t know who Lanny Barby is than you have been missing out on one gorgeous hottie. She has been a Penthouse Pet and a Vivid girl. If you have seen her before you know what I am talking about. Actually, everyone that knows who she is probably went straight to see the pictures and didn’t even bother to read this. I can’t blame them. I have spent more hours than I care to mention looking at pictures of the sexy Lanny Barby.
Lanny Barby

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Posted By Ally on 10/22/05

It looks like Lucky had to pull out the big guns to try and top my three hottie post, but I got something just as good. Let me introduce this little hottie by the name of Destiny. This cutie knows how to fuck. She sucks, fucks, and even takes it in the ass like a pro. Now the best part…. You can get access to the members area of the site she is on for FREE! I know the phrase “free porn” always sounds like bullshit. The reason it’s free is because it is a three day free trial, and once you see what is inside the members area you won’t want to leave. Check out the site. You got nothing to loose. I have been a member of the site for awhile now and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Did I mention that you get to see the full video of Destiny getting fucked!

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